Yeetalk App Using Tutorial

Yeetalk app is a social learning software. The software has powerful translation tools, such as voice, video, group chat, etc., which can help users make friends around the world. Meet new friends from all over the world on Yeetalk, learn foreign languages ​​and practice oral English together, and appreciate different life and culture around the world.

Yeetalk app's translation tool supports 103 languages ​​around the world, and can translate any language you don't understand into your native language or the language you want. You only need to select your country/region and native language for registration, and you can easily communicate with foreigners. Talk to the world.

Yeetalk App

Yeetalk app using tutorial

Yeetalk matching foreigners tutorial

In Yeetalk we can communicate with foreign friends all over the world. Want to match foreigners in Yeetalk APP, do you know how to match? The editor has compiled a tutorial on matching foreigners in yeetalk, so let me introduce the specific matching method to you below.

  1. First, you need to log in to the software, only the software can be used normally, and then we click the search icon on the home page of the software to enter another interface;
  2. Then in the recommendation list, you can select foreign friends to chat. If you want to match more foreigners, you can click the filter icon in the upper right corner to enter the filter interface;
  3. In the filter interface, we can select the requirements of foreigners we want to match, and then search. After searching for a user, click the user directly to chat directly.

Tutorial of using the translation function of yeetalk app

Yeetalk Android version supports multiple languages, real-time translation. The translation function in Yeetalk is very powerful. Do you know how to use the translation function in Yeetalk? The translation function of yeetalk is very convenient. Many friends who use Yeetalk do not know where the translation button is? So let's take a look at today's tutorial!

  • On the chat page, select the conversation you want to translate and long press to see the translation conversion button, click to translate.
  • On the chat room page, there will be a view translation option below the text, click to translate.
  • On the personal homepage, as long as it is a foreign language, there will also be a view translation button next to it. Clicking it will help you translate it into your native language.
  • On the chat page, if you want to send a foreign language directly, you can click the convert button next to the input box.

Why can't yeetalk post news? Publish dynamic failure workaround

What's wrong with the message failure when yeetalk publishes news? Some users found that the message could not be sent when publishing. Many friends have encountered this problem. What I'm going to bring today is the solution to the problem. The detailed solution has been shared below.

The inability to publish news may be caused by poor network signal. Users can try changing mobile networks, or use them in locations with better signal quality. In the dynamic interface, they can share their daily life, allowing many unfamiliar users to know you better and make more friends. Users can also get to know each other by checking their news. In this software, there is no need to worry about communication problems, and a free translation function is provided to help the user experience.

Yeetalk APP Dynamic Publishing Tutorial

  1. First open the yeetalk software, click the dynamic function option in the bottom middle of the software interface after opening;
  2. After entering the dynamic function interface, click the photo option in the upper right corner, and click to enter the publishing dynamic interface;
  3. Enter the text content you want to send in this interface, and you can also add the corresponding photos and videos below. After filling in, click Publish.

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