Winzip Installation and Use Tutorial(Complete Guide)

When we download files on the Internet or in our daily operations, we will encounter files with ZIP extension from time to time. At present, there are many tools for compressing and decompressing ZIP files, but the most widely used is the famous ZIP compressed file manager-WINZIP7.0 developed by Nico Mak Computing Company. It has obvious advantages such as easy operation and fast compression operation. Winzip app is a shareware and we can download the Winzip latest version.

WINZIP APP is a compression and decompression tool that supports a variety of file compression methods, and supports almost all common compressed file formats. WINZIP also fully supports the drag-and-drop operation of the mouse in Windows 95. The user can quickly open the compressed file by dragging and dropping the compressed file to the WinZip program window with the mouse. Similarly, drag and drop the file to be compressed into the Winzip window to compress the file.

Winzip APP

WinZip APP Installation

Run the installation file

WinZip APP is a tool installed in Win95/98 environment, run its installation file WinZip70SR.exe, the Setup dialog box will pop up, click the "Setup" button in the box to continue.

Note: The latest WinZip version is the SR-1, which creates ZIP files that span multiple floppy disks.

Set the installation path

The installation program pops up the WinZip Setup dialog box, in which you enter the name of the program installation directory. After inputting, click the "OK" button, the program will pop up the WinZip function description box, and then click the "Next" button to continue.

Interface style settings

The program pops up an authorization description box, click the "Yes" button to pop up a dialog box, where you can set which interface style WinZip will start with, choose to use the standard window settings, and click the "Next" button to continue. If you choose the wizard mode setting, WinZip app will be installed in another way, this way will find all the compressed files in the hard disk format such as ZIP, and record them in the database.

Installation setting

Click the "Next" button to continue.


After the installation is complete, click the "Finish" button in the interface to end the installation.

Using Skills

Open multiple compression windows

Users who have used the WinZip program know that in the default state of the system, only one compression window can be opened at a time to decompress files; but in actual operation, it may be necessary to open multiple compression windows at the same time. In fact, the operation is very simple, you can In the operation interface of WinZip, use the mouse to select the "Option" menu item, and in the pop-up parameter setting dialog box, cancel the "ReuseWinZipWindows" option to open multiple compression windows at the same time.

Scan the system for viruses

Few people know that WinZip can also scan for viruses, because viruses are difficult to relate to WinZip. WinZip as a compression software can indeed remove viruses from the computer.

Using this feature, WinZip can scan the relevant compressed files and alert the poisonous situation before the virus attacks the system. If it is the first time to use the virus scanning function in WinZip, you must first let WinZip know the location of the installed virus scanning program in the machine. After entering the WinZipClassi interface, click the Actions VirusScan command interface with the mouse in turn, and a dialog box will appear, asking if you want to specify an antivirus software as the virus scanner of WinZip, select yes with the mouse, and then the program will open the Configuration dialog box, click the browse button in this interface, and select the executable file in the antivirus software to be used for virus scanning in the opened dialog box. After completing the above settings, you can use WinZip to scan for viruses. If a virus is found during the scanning process, a warning or information box will pop up to remind you to do anti-virus work as soon as possible.

Compress large files by volume

With the increasing amount of information, a file can easily reach 1M, 2M, how to store these large-capacity files in a floppy disk has become a topic of great concern to everyone.

Using WinZip, you can easily compress a large file or folder into different floppy disks and save it. The specific operation steps are as follows: Open the WinZip operation interface, in the interface, click the file menu bar below the Save command, in the pop-up save dialog box, you only need to define the save path of file compression as a floppy disk letter, (there are three options in the Multiplediskspanning column, the default option is: Automatic, if you don't want to store in separate disks, you can choose to Three items: NoSpanning.) can achieve this function. When the program finds that the current floppy disk space is full during compression, it will prompt to insert the second disk, and then continue, so that a larger file can be compressed onto several floppy disks and saved.

Repair EXE files

When double-clicking an EXE file with the mouse, the system will pop up a warning box, telling that the file cannot be executed or opened. If this phenomenon occurs, perhaps this EXE file is not an ordinary EXE file under Windows, but a self-extracting file generated by WinZip. There is something wrong with the file header, so it cannot be decompressed. In fact, just run WinZip first. software, and then open the EXE file, remake it into a self-extracting file or directly extract the file to use it.

Encrypt and compress important data

When an organization shares a computer with multiple colleagues, in order to ensure the safety of their personal data, file encryption software is often used to encrypt their important data.

Some professional encryption software on the market requires money to buy, and with WinZip, this free software, it is easy to encrypt important files and compress files at the same time. For example, you can copy important files in the hard disk to a temporary folder, and encrypt and compress all the files in the folder through WinZip. After selecting the file, click "File" and "Password", and enter in the window. Password, and finally click "ok" on it.

Send compressed mail

WinZip app can compress and pack files and send them on the Internet is nothing new, and WinZip8.0 makes it easier. A new feature has been added in WinZip8.0 that makes it easy to compress any file and send it with E-mail. In the main interface of WinZip8.0, use the mouse to click "File/MailArchive" in turn or directly click the "MailArchive" button on the toolbar to complete. mail", but it should be noted that a certain E-mail service program must have been installed in the machine, and its default mail program must also be OutlookExpress


What can winzip app do?

WinZIP app is such a software: it can compress files (folders) into a .ZIP file, which is convenient for transferring and storing data. The compression ratio varies depending on the file format. In addition, it can encrypt files to prevent important data from being stolen. WinZIP is now the most common file storage format on the Internet.

The file is very large, does WinZIP app work?

If the file is TXT text, then Winzip app will shrink it by at least half. Most common user file formats have high compression ratios; common mpeg video and jpg image files have low compression ratios because these files are already compressed when they are saved.

Why the downloaded zip file cannot be decompressed?

This is usually due to corrupted zip files, which can be caused by the following reasons:

  • The file on the server side is corrupted.
  • Poor network conditions during download resulted in data errors and corrupted the final zip file.
  • There are viruses like cih on the machine.
  • The file is not in winzip format.

If it is the case of 1-3 above, please do not try to re-download, so as not to waste more time, but should immediately notify the administrator, will immediately check the file and give a reply.

As for the fourth case, the file format, you need to select the corresponding decompression software according to its specific format. For example, if the suffix is ​​rar, you can use winrar to decompress it.

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