Top 5 Second Hand Trading Platforms

It is better to sell the unused items or exchange them with netizens! In the era of mobile Internet, the sharing economy has greatly promoted the flow and transaction of idle items. We have compiled these second hand trading platforms to recommend to you.

1. Poshmark


Poshmark is a second hand trading platform in the United States that focuses on the personal buying and selling market of used clothing. Since its launch, it has attracted 1.5 million sellers, download poshmark to mobile phones, follow friends and buy and sell second-hand clothing, visit electronic boutiques and surrounding shopping malls.

In addition to focusing on the used clothes market, Poshmark has now joined the field of popular brands and fashion items, and will also refer to the most popular users' influential wholesale prices to buy, and then sell for profit. In the near future, Poshmark plans to join the men's and children's fashion lineup, introducing home decor. The audience will not be limited to the United States, and will expand to Canada, Europe and Australia.

2. Letgo

A second-hand trading platform that does not do payment.

Letgo is currently the largest and fastest growing used trading platform in the United States. The app has more than 100 million downloads, and the platform has 400 million product lists, covering electrical appliances, furniture, automobiles, audio-visual products, books, fashion, real estate, services, etc.

The current main service users are concentrated in Turkey, the United States, Canada, Norway and Spain. There are also many Chinese users, including foreigners living and working in China.

Artificial intelligence technologies such as image recognition, video listings, and smart robots are not the secrets to becoming a unicorn company in 2018, but it is still necessary to study them.

What are the core concerns of letgo?

Everyone has a lot of used items, and when individuals treat idle items, second-hand platforms will have their own different value propositions.

Letgo is not a collection, not an exchange, not a recycling, but emphasizing free separation and making money.

Letgo does not do e-commerce, nor does it support online payment, it just uses geographic location to trade nearby.

3. OfferUp


OfferUp is a second hand trading platform in the United States, headquartered in Seattle, United States.

OfferUp is a fast-rising mobile trading software. Users complete the transaction of idle items through OfferUp APP, which is famous for its simple operation and high security. Users can be both buyers and sellers at the same time, and they can publish sales information by uploading photos of products for sale. The application will sort from high to bottom according to the buyer's bid. If someone is interested in selling products, they can use the built-in program. Communication function for anonymous communication.

4. Chairish

Chairish started in 2013 and is the largest player in the furniture, art and decoration market. At first, it was only used by individual users to resell their own old furniture. Now both products and sellers have been greatly expanded. There are many professional sellers, Consignment shops, antique dealers, designers, and more join. Its product, DECASO, was released last year. It is a high-quality version of Charish. Sellers can only join by invitation. Generally, they are the world's top designers and collectors. The products are also luxury-grade decorative art and antiques.

When customers browse the products of Chairish and DECASO, they can click the "Preview in your space" button, activate the camera of the iPhone or iPad, and then activate the AR function. Many interior designers are also using this feature to simplify their design process.

5. Vinted

Founded in Lithuania in 2008, Vinted currently has a website and app in the US and Europe, and is well established in France and Germany. The platform provides members with buying, selling or gifting services for second-hand goods (clothing, shoes, accessories), and they can also make friends and share fashion ideas in the Vinted app community.

Vinted provides users with a means to monetize their used items while allowing them to buy classic styles for a fraction of the retail price. At the beginning of this year, Vinted added lifestyle products and became the preferred platform for consumers to design their own home styles.

You pay a commission when you sell clothes. Listing an item is free, and Vinted allows you to list any brand.

In addition, Shpock, Zaarly, Recycler, VarageSale, Dealo, Decluttr, etc. are also good second-hand trading platforms.

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