The Most Popular Social App in Dubai 2022

In one study, 71% of respondents in the Middle East said their use of other messaging apps has increased and they are spending more time on social media since the outbreak. According to statistics, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are the most important social app for young people in Dubai and surrounding UAE. So other than that, what social software do Dubai people use? Today, we will take stock of the most popular social app in Dubai.

1. WhatsApp

The most used live chat app on most mobile phones in Dubai is WhatsApp.WhatsApp Messenger (WhatsApp for short) is a very popular cross-platform application for communication between smartphones. More than 2 billion people around the world use WhatsApp in more than 180 countries to keep in touch with family and friends, making it the world's number one mobile messaging app.

With the help of a push notification service, the software can instantly receive messages from relatives, friends and colleagues. Switch from texting to using the WhatsApp app for free to send and receive messages, pictures, audio files and video messages. WhatsApp is registered based on the mobile phone number. When registering, you need to enter your mobile phone number and accept a verification text message. Then WhatsApp will search for people who are already in use in your mobile phone contacts and automatically add them to your mobile phone contacts. in the list of people.

Whatsapp Messenger


The original concept of WhatsApp was to replace traditional text messaging. It is a social APP that can be used on multiple platforms. Currently, it supports sending and receiving various media across platforms, including text, photos, videos, documents, location information, and voice calls. Some of your most personal moments can be shared on WhatsApp.

Free to use

WhatsApp uses your phone's network connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, depending on which network is available) to let you call and message friends or family, so you don't have to Or pay extra for calls. * There is also no additional monthly fee to use WhatsApp.

Free calls

Even if your friends and family are in other countries, you can use WhatsApp Calling to call them for free. WhatsApp calls use your internet connection and don't consume minutes from your mobile phone.

Show Status

Use Whatsapp's Status feature to let your contacts know if you're busy, in a meeting, working out, or online.

Read receipt

WhatsApp has a trick that allows users to see if a message they send in a group has been read, and it also shows who and who delivered it. Just press and hold the message you sent in the group, click "…" in the upper right corner to view the details, and you can see who has read the message.

No need to add friends

The app can automatically connect you to your contacts using the information in your phone's address book.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular photo-sharing free social software in Dubai. Developed by Stanford University students in 2011, Snapchat has grown far more users in the Middle East than other regions and is very popular among teenagers!

Using Snapchat app, users can take photos, record videos, write text and drawings, and send them to their friends list on the app. These photos and videos are called "Snaps". When a user sends a "snapshot" to a friend, all pictures on the platform can be set to limit the life period of the friend's access to the "snapshot". After the user takes a picture and shares it with a friend, the system will automatically destroy it on time according to the customer's preset settings. Also, the user will be notified if the recipient attempts to intercept during this time. Express yourself using lenses, filters, Bitmoji, and more.

Snapchat app


  • The main function is that all photos have a lifetime of 1 to 10 seconds. After the user takes a photo and sends it to a friend, the photo will be automatically destroyed on time according to the time preset by the user, which is called "burning after reading". The user will also be notified if the recipient attempts to take a screenshot during this time. If friends do not view it, it will always be displayed as unread.
  • To add friends using Snapcode, start by taking a picture of your friend's Snapcode to get a picture of it. Select the ghost icon, then go to add friends. You will see multiple options here, select "Snapcode". Upload your friend's Snapcode photo that you've taken and your friend will be added to your Snapchat.
  • Keep in touch with friends via real-time messaging or share your day via group stories. Video chat with up to 16 friends at once - and use lenses and filters while chatting.

On Snapchat, most users are young people aged 18-30.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn was launched in May 2003, is a world-renowned workplace social platform with over 700 million members worldwide. LinkedIn is a popular social media platform in the UAE country with a penetration rate of 51.50%. You can use it to find the right job or internship on LinkedIn, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career. You can access data through desktop LinkedIn, the mobile app LinkedIn Mobile Web Experience, or Lite Android Mobile LinkedIn.



  • Job Search and Recruitment: Find jobs that match your skills and apply.
  • Business Networking: Network, request referrals and stay up to date with your contacts.
  • Job Seekers: Research companies you're interested in to see if they have open positions.
  • Business News: Get relevant news and write your own with the daily briefing.
  • Social Networking: Create your profile, a complete LinkedIn profile that showcases your unique professional story through experience, skills and education, helping you connect with opportunities.

You can also use LinkedIn to organize offline events, join groups, write articles, post photos and videos, and more.

4. Tiktok (International Version)

Tik Tok, a short video app from China, is also very popular in Dubai. Whether it is ordinary people or celebrities, they all find the joy of watching themselves on Douyin. In Southeast Asia, with a total population of about 630 million, the number of downloads of TikTok is close to 200 million, and more than half of the downloaders are young people under the age of 30.

Tik Tok is a new type of entertainment content consumption mode and a brand-new social entertainment. It is not just about showing itself, but more about creating stories, creating new trends and new ideas, ideas, etc. It is not about showing what users are doing. What, but the goal is "how to entertain your audience" and "create popular models", which is a collection of "video media + entertainment lifestyle". Massive, fragmented, short, rich in subject matter and easy to brush, people can't stop.

Tik Tok


  • Tik Tok has a clear positioning and focuses on "fun". The target group of users is young people born in the 90s and 00s, and they are pursuing fashion trends.
  • Tik Tok videos are very short, and users can only record short clips of up to 15 seconds.
  • Tik Tok has powerful technology and good user experience. Douyin has excellent filter special effects and constantly introduces various new ways of playing, including the new feature "Ama Dance Machine".
  • Urban women are the largest online consumer group in Southeast Asia. The most popular content types include talent, drama, food, travel, dance basics, and beauty and fashion.
  • In Southeast Asia, most businesses are SMEs. In response to this feature, TikTok trains small and medium-sized enterprises on how to save costs and conducts distinctive advertising promotions for target groups on the TikTok platform.
  • TikTok is also testing the launch of Seller University in Indonesia, an online learning platform owned by TikTok.

5. Instagram

Instagram is a social platform under Facebook that provides free online photo and video sharing. It was released in October 2010. It allows users to take photos with a smartphone, add different filter effects to the photos, and share them on social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr, or on Instagram's servers.

Compared to other social networks, Instagram is relatively simple and it focuses on sharing photos, stories and videos with friends. It is the social APP with the most photos among the global social APPs so far. Instagram's "insta culture" is very popular, and it emphasizes the non-daily side of photography. Even the most popular social platform Facebook is currently facing fierce competition from Instagram. A large proportion of Instagram users are young people (mostly in their teens-30s), especially teenagers.



  • Instagram allows users to capture their own life memories in any environment, add filter styles to the pictures, and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Sina Weibo with one click.
  • Instagram has integrated many social elements on the mobile terminal, including the establishment of friendship, replying, sharing and collection, etc. This is the greatest value of Instagram as a service rather than an application.
  • On Instagram, you can see the inspiration of foreign photographers, as well as stars and ordinary people from all over the world. You can also show everyone your life.
  • INSTA Reels is a new way to create and discover fun short videos. You can watch, like, comment, and share Reels videos in a dedicated space in Explore.


BOTIM currently has nearly 100 million users worldwide and is the largest local super application integrating instant messaging and mobile payment in the Middle East. BOTIM App has also become the first mobile payment application outside of China that can issue cash "red envelopes" through mobile phones, and is known as the "WeChat" in the Middle East by the industry.

The Middle East market is a very distinctive market. In particular, the UAE has a large foreign population, with locals accounting for only 10% of the total population. These migrants, like all other wanderers who live abroad, have a strong need for international calls to keep in touch with their relatives at home. Existing communication platforms are unsatisfactory in terms of VoIP for various reasons, and traditional international long-distance calls are very expensive. The emergence of BOTIM just solves this pain point.

Botim App


  • BOTIM is a social tool that supports high-definition video chat. It can be used for single chat and group chat. In addition to video chat, it also supports voice, text, picture and other sending methods. Ultra-high information encryption technology ensures the privacy and security of users.
  • Free video and voice calls with your family and friends on 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Unlike GB Whatsapp and WeChat, BOTIM does not need to add friends, and the mobile phone number is the user's unique ID. At the same time, BOTIM also has a public account information release system, and users can communicate directly with institutional users across platforms.
  • What's more, BOTIM's server connection speed and VoIP experience are better than any communication products on the market, including WeChat and Whatsapp, as well as Google's Duo.
  • Carrier data charges may apply.

7. Wechat

WeChat has a high usage and penetration rate among Chinese in Dubai.WeChat is a live chat app launched by China's Tencent on January 21, 2011 for smartphone users. Users can share text, pictures and stickers with friends through the client, and support group chat and voice, video intercom, broadcast (one-to-many) messages, photo/video sharing, location sharing, message exchange, WeChat payment, Wealth Management, games and other services, as well as a feed for sharing streaming content and location-based social plugins "Shake", "Friend Detector" and "Nearby People" to quickly add friends. WeChat supports multiple languages, as well as mobile data network. Users can take photos or videos and send them to "Circle of Moments".



  • Chat: It supports sending voice messages, videos, pictures (including emoticons) and text. It is a chat software that supports multi-group chat.
  • Add friends: WeChat supports 7 ways to find WeChat ID, view QQ friends to add friends, view mobile phone address book and share WeChat ID to add friends, shake to add friends, QR code search to add friends, and drift bottle to accept friends.
  • Real-time walkie-talkie function: users can talk to a group of people through a voice chat room, but unlike sending voice in a group, the messages in this chat room are almost real-time, and will not leave any records, and the screen of the phone is turned off Live chat is still available.
  • WeChat voice: When users answer WeChat voice calls, they don’t need to unlock Apple and enter WeChat to answer, but just like answering ordinary calls with one click.
  • Moments: Users can post text and pictures through Moments, and share articles or music to Moments through other software. Users can "comment" or "like" on photos newly posted by friends, and users can only see comments or likes from the same friends.
  • WeChat Pay: The overseas version of WeChat Malaysia has WeChatOut, and all Malaysian WeChat users can use WeChat Pay! If you have already obtained the function of WeChat payment, you can choose the region/WALLET REGION of the wallet. At this time, you can choose Malaysia / MALAYSIA and fill in the information.
  • Contacts Security Assistant: After opening, you can upload the mobile phone address book to the server, or download the previously uploaded address book to the phone.

8. Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in Dubai and the originator of dating apps. After you sign up for the app, you'll see a list of potential matches based on criteria you specify (age, gender, distance from you). The effect is to "suggest" four objects within a certain distance each day based on the user's geographic location, and if you like them and they like you, you will be matched and can start chatting. Your profile on both apps is created by uploading your Facebook picture and other information.

With 30 billion matches to date, Tinder is the top free dating app and a great place to meet new people. Whether you're looking for love, need a date today, or just want to chat: Free features for the best dating experience for local singles everywhere.


  • There are many user groups and the database is powerful enough. Moreover, the user's initiative is high, and the cleansing is simple and clear.
  • Based on the user's geographic location, four objects within a certain distance are "recommended" each day. After writing your own photos and information, the system will push nearby users to you. You swipe left to indicate that you don’t like it and you are not interested, and swipe right to indicate that you like it and are interested. When each other is "interested" in each other, the APP will tell you, It's a Match! You can start a conversation, and this design avoids a lot of spam harassment.
  • Tinder is connected to Facebook, and gives a score based on the number of common friends, common interests and relationship networks on Facebook, and the recommended object with the highest score will be displayed first.
  • Tinder Gold™ premium subscription to enjoy all the premium features of Tinder, Likes You allows you to see all your followers, saves your precious time, unlimited likes, top 30 minutes, 5 super likes per day; subscription to Tinder Plus® will unlock unlimited including Features including likes, passports, rewinds, boosts and 5 super likes per day.


  • If you haven't "mutually liked" a girl, you can't chat with that girl; you can only see girls around you (unless you pay).

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