Solutions for WhatsApp Cannot Receive SMS Verification Code

WhatsApp cannot receive the verification code. From the source analysis, there are two situations.

One is that WhatsApp sent a verification code to your mobile phone, and your mobile phone cannot receive the verification code due to signal, mobile device, carrier blocking and other reasons. This is the first case.

Another situation is that WA finds that your behavior is abnormal, and it will not send you a verification code at all, and you will never receive a verification code. Generally speaking, if you find that your device is abnormal, such as WhatsApp has been modified, or other suspicious environments have triggered WhatsApp’s risk control system, causing WA to determine that you received the verification code maliciously, it will not send the verification code, such as suspecting that WhatsApp has been hacked. Stealing, suspecting that the WA software you use has a backdoor, etc.

Solutions for WhatsApp Cannot Receive SMS Verification Code

So how to solve the problem that WhatsApp cannot receive the verification code?

We answer one by one based on the above two reasons.

If it is the first reason, your terminal device prevents you from receiving the verification code sent by WhatsApp. Generally speaking, you need to check:

  • Is there a problem with your mobile phone signal? For example, take the mobile phone to a place with good signal to operate
  • Shut down and restart, try several times.
  • Call and ask the operator if they have blocked your mobile phone from receiving overseas text messages, etc.
  • Try to download WhatsApp latest version and reinstall.

If it is the second reason, it is indeed that WhatsApp risk control has detected that your behavior is abnormal. So, what should we do at this time?

  • After uninstalling, clear the phone cache first, then re-download the official WhatsApp installation package, and try WA again.
  • If it still doesn’t work, change the ip and try again.
  • If it still doesn’t work, don’t operate it repeatedly, because WhatsApp’s risk control will record operation logs. The more you operate, the faster the risk control may be upgraded, making it more difficult to solve. You can only seek a more professional method to help you lift the risk control. Because once you are under risk control, you can only use WhatsApp normally if you remove the risk control. Repeated random operations will record more logs of your bad behavior, resulting in more and more restricted numbers.

I was in the second situation at the time, and WhatsApp could not be received at all, and I was so anxious.

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