Battleboom download apk for Android
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Battleboom download apk for Android

Battleboom download apk for Android

Battleboom international service download mobile Android 2022 latest version, this is a very fun war strategy game, which a lot of soldiers and a variety of strategic gameplay are very interesting.

Battleboom download apk for Android

Game description

Battle Boom International is a war strategy game with Q-version character style, many kinds of soldiers cooperate to fight, fingertip duel immediately, take reasonable tactics to get the final victory, become the biggest winner, you can also experience more game play oh.

Game Review

Support multiplayer online competition Q cute and cute game characters exquisite game interface a variety of types of soldiers with free

Game introduction

Battle Boom is a very magical war strategy game, the game play is similar to the royal war, but the game incorporates a lot of new elements. Especially, the hero's skills have been innovated a lot, according to the hero's special skills can create a variety of game play, ladder tournament allows you to challenge many masters.

Battle Boom is a real-time battle strategy game, unique cartoon style, diversified unit training, use different unit combinations to fight with your opponents, use different strategies and tactics to defeat your opponents, collect more heroes, unlock more powerful hero skills, to create your unique battle team.

This game is a real-time strategy game. Players must combine more than 70 types of soldiers and weapons to build an army and send them to attack enemy bases. The game is available in 140 countries around the world and can be played against opponents all over the world as well as against friends on Facebook.

Game Features

Global real-time strategy warfare at your fingertips! Enjoy the vast panorama of the battlefield and adapt your strategy! The game brings you more than 70 units and weapons! Join hands with legionnaires and go to the top of the world. Operation is very simple.

Just click, drag and release to move your soldiers to the position where you want to advance. In addition, the work is equipped with a feature to enjoy your own playthrough movie.

Game advantages

Hone your gaming skills or communicate with your partners by studying your own gameplay.

Enemy Ahead! Plan your strategy and battle points to outmaneuver your opponents with the expansions your troops use on the battlefield! Go all out with the latest RTS-type mobile game! Become the commander of your ready-to-action troops and epic units and lead them to glory!

Take control of the battle and prepare to bring in over 70 different types of troops. Whether it's chasing your opponent with infantry, bombing enemy fortifications with tanks, or surprising the enemy with exploding enemies! Be the one with the best strategy and win! Fight up and become the most feared commander and expert strategist.

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