KineMaster apk download for Android
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KineMaster apk download for Android

KineMaster apk download for Android

KineMaster is a mobile phone software that can edit various video effects, and KineMasterapp is the first mobile phone video editor in the android system.

With the KineMaster client, you can create large-scale videos that can only be edited on a computer. Come to to download it!

Introduction of KineMaster:

KineMaster apk download for Android

1. Just slide your finger lightly to apply KineMaster's high-quality theme effects,

2. Edit any video, image and music directly on your phone.

3. After editing the video in any desired resolution (up to 1080p), you can share it directly to Facebook and other social networks.

4. KineMaster is the first and only video editor for Android system, and its functions surpass iMovie on iOS.

KineMasterapp function introduction:

1. Export and share to the community network

1) The interpretability of output to 1080p has been supported.

2) Even longer videos can be output quickly in high resolution.

3) It is very easy to share to the community network, and supports uploading directly to the cloud.

2. Easy to use and diverse theme functions

1) Selecting a theme will automatically apply visual effects and music to all images and videos in the created project.

2) Themed special effects such as love, travel, nature and wedding are currently provided.

3) More themes will be available for easy download from KineMaster. (will continue to update to provide more themes).

3. Support various multimedia file formats

1) Can easily apply all kinds of videos, images, music, texts and videos and sounds recorded directly from the mobile phone.

2) When editing a video, there can be multiple audio tracks in the same theme effect that can be mixed at the same time.

4. Provide various editing interfaces

1) Adjust the length of the timeline, or the color, brightness, sound level, color saturation in a clip, and delete or rearrange the playback order of each clip.

2) Add eye-catching visual effects, such as: 3D transitions, on-screen transitions, rotating videos, or zooming on images.

3) Handwriting, stickers and changing fonts or other functions to make the project more personalized.

4) During the editing process, it will continue to be automatically saved, and you can re-edit at any time.

User evaluation:

1. Whether it is in terms of operation and gameplay, or functional experience is in place

2. Provide a variety of video editing, the gameplay is very fun

3. The overall experience of the KineMasterapp app is still very good

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