Google Drive apk download for Android
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Google Drive apk download for Android

Google Drive apk download for Android

Google Drive provides you with a very good collaborative office tool. You can operate files with colleagues and multiple terminals anytime, anywhere, which is really cool for friends who often deal with office software.

The functions are very comprehensive, and the demonstration is very simple. Welcome to experience!

Introduction to Google Drive:

Google Drive

Google Drive is a safe and secure platform where you can back up any file on any device and access it from any device. You can also easily invite others to view, edit, or add comments to any of your files or folders.

Software features:

1. Receive notifications about important file events

2. Use the device camera to scan paper documents

3. Securely store and access files anytime, anywhere

4. Search files by name and content

5. Share files and folders and set permissions for files and folders

6. View content anytime, anywhere while offline

7. Quick access to recently used and important files

Software features:

1. Users can share files or folders with anyone, and choose whether the shared object can view, edit or comment on the user's files.

2. Integrate a number of google services, such as gmail, google+, etc.

3. Built-in googledocs, users can collaborate with others in real time.

4. Cloud security storage, support access from any place: including pc, mac, iphone, ipad, android and other devices.

5. Support various types of files, users can create, share, and collaborate on various types of files, including videos, photos, documents, pdfs, etc.

6. Every change made by the user can be tracked, so every time the user clicks the "Save" button, the system will save a new revision. Versions within 30 days are automatically displayed, and users can choose to permanently save a revision.

7. Powerful search function, supports search methods such as keywords and file types, and even supports OCR scanning image recognition technology. For example, if a user uploads a scanned image of a newspaper, then the user can search for the text information in the newspaper.

Software advantages:

1. Quick Change Trial Balance

View pdfs, office files and more

Use google cloud print to print the files stored in anytime, anywhere

Upload the archive and convert the archive to google file format

Take printed text and convert photos into google documents

2. Manage files anytime, anywhere

collaborators can instantly see what edits you've made to google docs

View google presentations with full animations and speaker notes

Create and edit google documents, also supports tables, annotations and rtf formats

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