Office Fever apk download for Android
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Office Fever apk download for Android

Office Fever apk download for Android

Office Fever is an easy and fun business mobile game. Players will have their own company here. However, your employees will be lazy and sleep whenever they have the opportunity. You need to supervise them all the time, and arrange different jobs for each employee, of course. Pay attention to entertainment and rest, and you can also place a tabletop football in the office!

Office Fever apk download for Android

Your employees are napping, hurry up and wake them up to work, hire more employees, make more money, grow your business, can you build the greatest company ever?

Office Fever gameplay:

1. Adopting the popular simulation management gameplay, all operations can be completed by the players themselves.

2. From the handling of documents to the employment of personnel, from improving the efficiency of roles to opening new office equipment.

3. The company is endowed with great potential, and will produce unexpected results under the hard work.

Office Fever Features:

1. The standard 3D cartoon shape is adopted, the classic rubber man character style.

2. The colors of the game are relatively light and elegant, and the shapes in the levels are quite realistic and complete.

3. Desks, printers, offices, and even tabletop footballs are all available.

4. Show everyone a real office environment with a rich entertainment atmosphere.

Office Fever review:

1. The operation of the game is more abundant and diverse, and the player's sense of participation is stronger.

2. The compact game flow can easily make players trapped and unable to extricate themselves.

3. While making up for the shortcomings, it is committed to optimizing the link operation effect.

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