myid apk download your digital hub
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myid apk download your digital hub

myid apk download your digital hub

myid is a business hall client platform launched by Myanmar International Telecom Co., Ltd. Here you can enjoy many easy and convenient services, and you can also directly browse various music resources.

myid apk download your digital hub

Myid has no restrictions and is completely free. The most comfortable experience, if you like it, what are you waiting for, come and download it.

myid description:

MyID will change your digital life!

It can also change the way you are entertained and cared for!

The more you use, the more you will benefit!

myid function:

1. Streaming media content such as music, movies, videos.

2. Real-time messaging and voice/video calls with other users.

3. One-stop self-service for all Mytel services (mobile phone, fiber-to-the-home, e-wallet).

myid advantage:

1. Loyalty rewards for vouchers and special offers all over Myanmar.

2. Highly interactive and splendid value-added services.

myid content:

Fixed account details page bug with a brand new look.

Fixed an issue where the MytelPay top-up page would not display correctly after linking.

Other improvements and app stability.

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