ZOOM Cloud Meetings apk download for android
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ZOOM Cloud Meetings apk download for android

ZOOM Cloud Meetings apk download for android

Zoom cloud video conferencing uses remote office to solve communication at work. Now this is not only happening in China, but the whole world. Many countries work from home and use cloud video conferencing. Instead of the traditional way of meeting, everyone in the company can communicate well. If you are interested, come and download this Zoom cloud video conference!

ZOOM Cloud Meetings apk

Zoom cloud video conference introduction:

Zoom is a free online video conferencing software that integrates high-definition video and screen sharing, and supports up to 100 people.

Zoom is an internationally renowned cloud video conferencing company. We unify mobile-based collaboration, cloud-based video conferencing, and web conferencing into one simple, easy-to-use application. Start or participate in a high-definition, face-to-face cloud video conference with high-quality screen sharing now! Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Zoom is the winner of the 2013 Influencer's Award in the United States and the winner of the Community Choice for Best App. It's extremely easy to use, download and install for free, then click "Start a Meeting" and you'll be able to invite up to 100 people to a meeting!

Software features:

- Best android video conferencing quality

- Support group chat on Android phones, send text messages, pictures and sounds

- Conveniently invite phone contacts, or invite other contacts via email

- Support WiFi, 4G/LTE and 3G networks

- Safe driving mode

- Simultaneously support iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows, Mac, hardware video conferencing systems, telephone lines, etc. to join the meeting

- H323 full function support: video wall, join meeting before host, join meeting password verification, p2p, PRC proxy

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