DirectX12 download apk for android
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DirectX12 download apk for android

DirectX12 download apk for android

Directx latest version is a powerful multimedia interface, Windows has the support of Directx to better handle graphics, images, Directx latest version most everyone brings a wealth of features, so that the computer can better handle media, Directx 12 is a new generation of API, is a very important media interface in Microsoft systems, integrated in the new DirectX 12 has many improvements and new features that allow you to enjoy better visual effects and operational efficiency when running games, performing media tasks or watching 3D movies, and it is a revolutionary version.

DirectX12 download apk for android

DirectX12 features

1. New features.

The most important change of DirectX12 is the more underlying API, which is very similar to AMDMantle, and goes deeper than before in the hardware abstraction layer, which can reduce CPU.GPU overload at the same time.
Specifically, applications can track GPU pipelines, control resource state transitions (e.g., from render targets to textures), control resource renaming, less API and driver tracking, predict attributes, and more.
In addition, Directx12 greatly improves multithreading efficiency and fully exploits the potential of multithreaded hardware. DX11 is severely limited in this regard by CPU performance, primarily because it cannot effectively utilize multiple cores.
Microsoft claims that Microsoft's utilization of multi-core CPUs grows almost perfectly linearly, which means that quad-core can approach four times that of single-core.
In addition, DirectX12 features improvements in rendering pipelines, rendering features, resource management, command lists and bindings, descriptor jumps, etc. Because it's mostly about development and is relatively deep, don't say too much about it here.

2. Hardware support.

NVIDIA confirmed that Kepler . Fermi. Maxwell architecture all support DX12, that is, DX11 for models since GeForce200 series.
AMD confirmed that all graphics cards of the GCN architecture support Directx12, namely the RadeonHD7000.RadeonR200 series.
Intel confirmed that the fourth generation of Haswell can support Directx12, but it is actually limited to the two highest-end models, GT3Iris5100 and GT3eirisPro5200.
It is not yet known whether it is 100% API support or just feature set support, but at least one thing is that DX12 does not require new hardware to implement, existing ones can, so it is more like an extension of DX11.

3. Xboxone.

AMD just said that Directx12 will completely guide Xboxone, while Microsoft said that they only spent four months of effort to change the Xboxone's core rendering engine from DX11.1 to DX12.

Until then, some features belonging to DX12 exist for Xboxone (which seems to have been planned for a long time), and others have been ported.

In addition, EpicGames also said that it is working closely with Microsoft NVIDIA to make the newly released Unreal Engine 4 perfectly support DX12-not to mention AMD. it seems that Unreal 4 games will tend to N card.

4. Qualcomm and mobile.

The reason why Qualcomm is listed separately is because it is working with Microsoft DX for the first time, and it is also the first time that Microsoft DX is officially geared towards the mobile sector.
According to Qualcomm's Division, DX12 can greatly improve energy efficiency, improve the performance of mobile devices, and has good scalability and portability.

DirectX12 use method

1, first in this site after decompression of the downloaded directx12 file, find DXSTUP.exe
2, double-click to install, the user agreement pop-up check agree to click the next step to install
3, the installation prompts the installation content, click next to continue installation
4, the installation progress is displayed, wait patiently for a minute or so to complete
5, after the completion of the pop-up to complete the installation interface, click Finish you can open DirectX12 use.

View the system DirectX version of the method

1, first, on the keyboard, press the shortcut key Win + R keys to open the Run window.
2, then, in the run window, type dxdiag command, OK.
3, at this point we can see the directX version number!

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