Traffic Rider apk download for Android
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Traffic Rider apk download for Android

Traffic Rider apk download for Android

Traffic Rider for Android is an exciting motorcycle racing mobile game that takes the endless racing genre to a whole new level with the addition of a full career mode, driver perspective, better graphics, and real-life motorcycle sounds.

Traffic Rider apk download for Android

This time, you're behind the wheel of a motorcycle, and the gameplay is more detailed, but retains the fun and simplicity of the old school.


1. Many people compete online on the same stage, and the friend who reaches the finish line with the fastest speed will be able to get more rewards.

2. Various competitive modes and different track designs are affected by different external factors.

3. The cool and cool shape and the realistic roar are very exciting when running on the road.

4. Buy a variety of spare parts, refit and upgrade with better performance, so you can easily get good results.

5. Entering into different tracks to compete at speed, the scenery presented along the way is different.

6. High-definition and realistic scene creation, the weather system simulates various environments, and a more realistic environment atmosphere.

7. Enjoy a smooth driving experience in an extreme environment, and exciting tasks require you to drive with extreme speed.

8. Dozens of different types of locomotives can be selected, which highly restores the top locomotives in reality.

Game Features:

1. Complex weather conditions, free switching of day and night, and realistic simulation of various real environments.

2. Adjust the accelerator to the maximum speed to drive, reach the finish line with the fastest speed, and become a real racer.

3. The difficulties encountered when challenging at night or on mountain roads will be greater, and they will be flexibly dealt with according to the situation.

4. Drive your motorcycle to overtake on endless roads, upgrade and buy new motorcycles to complete the mission perfectly.

Game review:

1. The front wheel lifts off the ground to get extra points and rewards

2. The faster you drive, the higher the score, and the speed exceeds 100 km/h.

3. Overtaking at close range can get extra bonus points and cash.

4. Driving opposite to each other in two-way lanes can earn extra points and cash.

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