Yousician download apk for android
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Yousician download apk for android

Yousician download apk for android

Yousician is a platform that provides music instrument learning, including guitar, piano, bass and other musical instruments, users are able to buy lessons online to watch repeatedly and practice their instruments at any time, applicable to a wide range of friends, download and try it if you like!

Yousician download apk for android

About yousician

Yousician is a digital learning tool that listens to your playing and gives you real time feedback on how well you play and how well you know the beat. Combined with lessons designed by professional music teachers, you can find the right lesson for you, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Lessons include step-by-step video explanations so you can get hands-on coaching. The fun and playful game mode in the exercises gives you a fun and educational experience to improve your skills quickly and track your progressions effectively. Grab your guitar, bass or ukulele, sit down next to the piano or electric piano and start playing!

Yousician Features

What's included in the Yousician app?

Over 1500 different levels of practice tasks, hundreds of videos covering all the playing skills you need: chords, strumming, melody, lead, fingerpicking, music theory, reading music, etc.

Choose from songs uploaded by thousands of users at any time, or upload your own performances

Weekly challenges that allow you to compete with friends and millions of Yousician users worldwide.

Who is the Yousician app for?

Beginners or beginners with no basic knowledge

Music teachers

Advanced and professional musicians

Pianists, guitarists, bassists and ukulele players

How the Yousician app works

Listen to your music in real time with the built-in microphone on your smartphone, tablet and computer (both native and electric instruments supported)

Gives you instant feedback on your playing

Step-by-step tutorials appropriate to your level to help you progress from beginner to professional

Exercises combined with games and challenges to make learning to play an instrument less boring

App Features

Play piano, guitar, bass, ukulele

Helps you use real instruments without additional equipment. The phone microphone listens to your playing and the app will tell you how well you are doing

Teach Yourself

Developed by a team of the world's most innovative and experienced teachers, it's perfect for self-study. It's also great for use as a supplement if you're studying with a teacher. Make sure you play accurately with step-by-step guided lessons and instant feedback

Scope of use

Singers, pianists, guitarists, bassists and ukulele players, beginners from scratch, high-level and professional musicians and music teachers

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