Master for Minecraft- Launcher for Android
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Master for Minecraft- Launcher for Android

Master for Minecraft for Android

The latest version of Cube Launcher is a program launcher built with My World as its main service, with diverse maps, rich buildings, new modes and plugins, a wide variety of skins and more, dedicated to My World players, the super hot Cube Launcher you deserve.

Master for Minecraft for Android

It's not only My World Pocket Edition launcher, but an app for you to download fantastic maps, skins, texture packs, seeds and organ dysfunction syndrome. There are a lot of MCPE maps. Players can easily download adventure maps, PVP maps, mini-game maps, and more. MCPE Mage will update my world maps, skins, textures, seeds and mods for everyday life so that players can access the latest resources and enjoy playing Minecraft.

Official Profile

MCPE Block Master for Minecraft PE is a free utility launcher for MC PE in which you can find the latest maps, plugins, skins, buildings, textures and seeds. Download and install the game automatically with our launcher.

Cube Launcher Mobile features

MCPE maps and seeds

- Multiplaraft free and best maps for multiplayer games

- Survival and adventure maps

- Creative and creation maps

- Minigame and parkour maps

- PVP and hide-and-seek maps

And many more hills, plants, houses, cities, red rocks, flying islands, horror, escape from prison, police and bandits.

Buildings of MC PE

Buildings and buildings for master builders, no extra launchers. One click instant building without unnecessary operations. All maps are saved and can be restored. In our application you can find the following categories.


-Furnished houses

-Airplanes and helicopters

-Medieval castles

All buildings in our application are unique and carefully designed by professionals!

MCPE modes and plugins

- The most popular and best Minecraft and plugins are automatically installed in the game and launcher.

- Mod Lucky Block

- Models for weapons and cannons

- Mod for cars and transport

- Mods for furniture and houses

And many more (animals, pets, portals, redstone, rhubarb, technology, zombies, mutants, dragons, tanks)

MCPE skins

- The most popular and rare Skins for Minecraft, also with additional features, 3D skin preview and 360 degree rotation.

- Skins for boys

- Skins for girls

- Skins for children

- Skins for PVP

- Camouflage skins

- Superhero skins

And many more (Animals, Military, Monsters, Celebrities, Heroes, Robots, Anime, Yutubers)

Textures for MC PE

- Various texture packs and shaders for more realistic gameplay Apply bindings, glosses, glares, change standard textures and lighting.

- Faithful

- 32x32

- 64x64

- Full HD

Realistic shaders and stuff, beware your game can change beyond recognition.

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