Litmatch apk download for Android
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Litmatch apk download for Android

Litmatch apk download for Android

Litmatch is a social software that can chat and make friends with people all over the world. Users can meet many foreigners, from different cities, and a variety of interaction methods can be selected.

Litmatch apk download for Android

And you can also post updates in real time, upload text, pictures or videos, so that more people can understand you clearly, you can also like or comment, users who are interested in Litmatch come and download it.

Software Function:

1. You don't need to go over the wall, easily get to know more overseas friends you want to know

2. The software will provide a lot of high-quality topics to help users chat and break the ice

3. Before the dialogue, there are some small games to help the two people make a spiritual connection

4. 3 minutes of chatting and making friends and 7 minutes of voice dialogue help you filter netizens you don't like

Software advantages:

1. Get to know more foreign friends easily, no matter whether they speak their native language or not

2. No matter which country you are in, you can get professional translation by using the software

3. Languages ​​you don't know can be translated, as long as you know the language input by the other party, you can switch to Chinese

4. On this software, you can learn languages, and you can better communicate in foreign languages

Software features:

1. Unique and textured interface, bringing you a fresh and different experience

2. The most real high value, to meet all your expectations for beauty

3. Match more unique souls and find the right person among thousands

4. Real chat and make friends to comfort every lonely heart

Software Highlights:

1. Diverse interactive communication

2. Use a powerful tool for an emotional exchange with a new friend.

3. Awesome Avatar

4. Show your personality by customizing your unique avatar in the gallery.

5. Explore the community, where you have the freedom to be yourself and share your daily moments and life highlights.

Software details:

1. Get to know your new friends through real-time SMS conversations.

2. Once you both like each other, make new connections.

3. Voice Game - Stand out with your voice!

4. Make a short voice call to get to know each other better.

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