Pinterest apk download for Android
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Pinterest apk download for Android

Pinterest apk download for Android

Pinterest is a material collection platform similar to the material platform "Petal". The software includes a lot of material and has super powerful functions. It has the AI ​​intelligent retrieval function of image search.

Pinterest apk download for Android

Here you can discover recipes, discover music, photograph food, see trendy fashions, stay close to life, and serve the world. It is very interesting to help you pin the content you are interested in directly to a fixed position on the homepage and find more inspiration and learning space!

Software features:

Find everyday ideas you love - what to cook for dinner, what to hang on the wall, what to wear and more ideas for all aspects of life.

• Save ideas, use them later - group ideas by topic for easy discovery.

• Search by keyword or with your camera - discover ideas from what's captured by your Pinterest camera.

• Collaborate with Friends - Collect ideas for your next group trip, party or project.

• Bookmark ideas you find on the web - just use the Pinterest Bookmarks button on your mobile browser.

Software features:

【Login and Registration】

If you haven't used Pinterest before, you can quickly sign up on the welcome screen, or log in with your Facebook or Twitter account, but for us, let's just sign up.

【Browse stickers】

Whether you're into photography, design, fashion, food, music, architecture, or even gaming, you'll find something to your liking on Pinterest.

【Browse user profile】

All photos can be liked and commented on, so you can easily find them after a while.

Software advantages:

1. Dozens of categories and hundreds of albums to filter

2. One-click search to find what you want

3. High-definition beautiful pictures to browse, collect and download

4. Swipe left and right to easily enjoy a good time

5. Check the dynamic photos you follow at any time

Use tutorial:

Pin: Pin your favorite picture to a whiteboard, similar to making a presentation;

Repin: See your friend Pin a good picture, you can Repin it to your own whiteboard. Similar to Retweet in Twitter;

Share: Pictures can come from social networks such as Facebook or B2C shopping websites, and can also be shared on various platforms;

Board: Equivalent to an independent album, divided according to different themes and interests.

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