Super Sus downlaod apk for android
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Super Sus downlaod apk for android

Super Sus downlaod apk for android

Super Sus who is the mole international version Google version is similar to the space kill game, support 4-10 people to play online at the same time, the players are divided into the mole and the real
The mole needs to disguise himself to complete the task, the real crew needs to identify the mole and kill them, try to survive to the end, ready, hurry up!
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Super Sus downlaod apk for android

Introduction of Super Sus

1. Supersus is a party game full of cooperation and betrayal.
2. Play online with 9 other real players, keep your ship stable and survive to the end.
3. But beware, there is a mole lurking in the crew who wants to kill everyone else.
4. SuperSus, the best social deduction game ever.
5. Use your social deduction and deception skills to identify the guilty party and convince your fellow crew members to believe you!

Super Sus Highlights

1. Multiplayer online, friends to play, start an exciting and thrilling journey
2. Dress up, hide your identity, and choose from a variety of costumes
3. Many crises, hidden killings, presenting a different "immersive""
4. Explore the ship, search for the mission.Search for crowd destroyers.
5. Excellent acting skills, strong duel, who is the real actor
6. Unique tutorials, thoughtful guidance, a good choice for newcomers

Super Sus advantage

1. Voice chat, play games while socializing
Real players online in real time, a variety of entertainment to find a tacit understanding of the same, joyful voice chat to enjoy the fun of the game, expressing ideas to guide the situation! Challenge to
Challenge players from all over the world!
2. Anytime, anywhere, team up with friends to play
Enjoy the fun of teaming up with your friends! Create your own room, freely set up various ways to play, or create your own UGC mode!
Create your own room, freely set up various play styles, or create your own map in UGC mode! Start a party anytime, anywhere!
3. Scoring system update
The development team has added more reasonable scoring rules and better scoring mechanism to better track your game and performance!

Super Sus features

1. Find the lurking mole and win
Play online with 9 other real players and be careful to find the impostors lurking in the crew, which is no easy task: impostors in the group
In groups, impostors will do anything to "kill" Big Sky people!
2. 20+ unique identities to choose from
3. camps and over 20 unique characters for you to choose from. Each character has its own unique skills. Choose your favorite character and specialize! Vouchers
The amount continues to increase!
4. Super modes, come and sprint to the god of reasoning
Classic multi-identity gameplay and regularly updated entertainment modes for you to choose from! Take part in ranking tournaments, challenge the great players around the world, and upgrade your ranking.
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