Kakaotalk messenger apk download for android
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Kakaotalk messenger apk download for android

Kakaotalk messenger apk download for android

kakaotalk is a huge social platform. You can communicate in various ways, such as video, text, voice, etc. You can add friends by shaking and swiping. There are a lot of single men and women here to get off the list and make good friends to increase your network. , and more wonderful videos to enrich your life.

Kakaotalk messenger apk download for android

Use the software to shoot more perfect works, publish them to the circle of friends, so that more people can understand you, and rich expression packs can be used for you. All software provided is free and does not support payment. It supports all network types. Dating artifact, hurry up to download and experience it.

kakaotalk features:

1. Free calling and texting (one-to-one & group).

2. More than 250 cute dynamic expressions and beautiful free themes.

3. Available on all major smartphone platforms.

4. Funny voice filter for Talking Tom and Dog Ben.

5. Simple walkie-talkie function.

6. Fun free mobile games.

7. Share videos, photos and contacts.

8. Group chat with an unlimited number of friends.

9. Create your own KakaoTalk theme.

10. Rated as the #1 free chat app by CNET.

11. Free, unlimited, worldwide.

12. Use the speed of light to deliver your text messages, photos, audio, video happiness, etc. to the other party in time, and know whether the other party has read your message.

13. Audio: Record voice messages, just press one button, your friends can hear your pure voice.

14. Say goodbye to the cumbersome registration process: no need to log in, no need to enter a friend's number painfully, no need to register as a member. All you have to do is download and install KaokaoTalk, enter your mobile number, OK, OK, it's that simple.

15. Automatically add friends: Are you still using the cumbersome and lengthy way to add friends like "find friends, send an application, and wait for a long time for the other party to accept you as a friend"? You are "Out". KakaoTalk users in your phone address book will be automatically added to your buddy list. Bringing convenience to you is our pursuit.

16. Simple & convenient: Simple and refreshing interface, powerful core functions, bring you a flying feeling.

kakaotalk features:

1. With it, users around the world can chat for free one-on-one or in groups.

2. Emoji + sticker collection, make your chat less boring.

3. With it, you can send messages, photos, videos, voice notes and your location for free.

4. With it, you can make fun free calls with Talking Tom&Ben's voice filter.

5. With it, you can enjoy more fun with Kakao mobile game.

kakaotalk highlights:

1. Fast: No matter which network is used, the communication is fast and reliable.

2. Free chat: free messaging and multimedia (photos, videos and voice notes).

3. Free calls: high-quality voice calls (one-to-one and group calls).

4. Emoticons: Express yourself with the massive collection of stickers in the built-in emotes and item store.

5. Group Chat: Chat with an unlimited number of friends.

6. KAKAOTALK CHANNEL: Offers exclusive coupons and offers from your favorite brands.

7. Voice Filter: Fun toll-free phone calls with voice filters for Talking Tom and Talking Dog.

8. ANDROID WEAR: Voice reply from wearable device.

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