KartRider Rush+ apk download for Android
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KartRider Rush+ apk download for Android

KartRider Rush+ apk download for Android

KartRider Rush+ is a racing mobile game that allows you to show off your operation skills and gallop at extreme speeds on the track. There are many cool-looking cars here. You can determine the level of the vehicle according to the number of nitrogen jets behind the vehicle.

In the process of the game, there are many factors that can affect the final outcome. In addition to the most basic technical operations, it is related to the performance of the car and the attributes of the track. Only by mastering all of them, You can be sure to win and win.

KartRider Rush+ apk download for Android

The feeling of kart racing enjoyed by over 300 million players around the world is back, and it's more exciting than ever, with more style, more game modes, and more excitement! Race with friends, collect and upgrade iconic characters and karts from the KartRider universe, climb the leaderboards and become the ultimate racing legend!

Game Mode:

1. Master the mode and chase glory as a lone racer or help your team to the top of the leaderboards.

2. Time trial, race against time and become the fastest racer.

3. Story mode, help them stop the evil deeds of the treacherous pirate captain Lodumani.

4. Ranked mode, from Bronze to Legend, climb the racing ranks and earn the respect of your peers.

5. Arcade Mode, choose from a variety of game modes to add a fast-paced thrill to your matches.


1. Join the club, join forces with players from all over the world, join the club to complete tasks together.

2. Speed ​​up the track, unlock more challenging tracks as you progress, and rely on pure drifting skills to reach the finish line.

3. Different levels of tracks, each with its own unique characteristics, providing a different racing experience for players looking for a challenge.

4. Drift in style, kart racing has never been so exciting, dress your racers in the latest outfits and accessories

5. Go bold with a range of stylish and iconic karts and earn fame on the track.

6. Become a racing legend, take the wheel and show your opponents real speed with real-time multiplayer competitive racing.

7. Take advantage of mobile-optimized drift controls for the perfect drift that leaves your opponents behind!

Game Features:

1.The heroic story unfolds, and the story behind the racer is finally revealed.

2.Experience a unique immersive story mode with a variety of gameplay.

3.It will meet the expectations of players with a new look and game experience.


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