PixelLab apk downloader text on pictures
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PixelLab apk downloader text on pictures

PixelLab apk downloader text on pictures

The latest free version of pixellab brings users a wealth of fonts, stickers, backgrounds, filters, photo frames, famous quotes and other materials, as well as more than 60 unique options, allowing users to use their imaginations to create a variety of exquisite patterns and texts.

PixelLab apk downloader text on pictures

Moreover, in the software, users can also freely create various layers, add various types of text, effects and text.

Software introduction:

The software has rich font materials, supports mobile phone 3D text production, text effect customization and other functions, adding stylish text, you can focus on whatever you are doing, various presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, more than 60 kinds Unique options.

Software features:

Poster Photo Frames: Massive creative magazine style photo frames, circles, people, plants, hearts, stripes, squares and more! Text Play Master: Text can be copied, rotated, enlarged, and reduced, you can add multiple text boxes, shadow effects, color textures, adjust transparency, and spacing!

Variety of filters: a lot of beautiful filters, a variety of styles of Japanese, light leak, nostalgia, movies, brush hand-painted effects, etc.! Share photos: Share photos to WeChat, QQ, Weibo, Space and other social media with one click to get more attention and popularity for you!

Software advantages:

Image Editor: Professionally beautify your photos, you can adjust the brightness, saturation, blur, contrast, and more! Massive font materials: There are a lot of cute art style and beautiful fonts, support Chinese simplified and traditional, and update materials regularly! Art stickers: creative sticker material library, various art words, text boxes, moods, programs, stamps, cartoons, etc.!

Software features:

Edit Image Perspective: Edit (warp) can now be performed; convenient, change the content of the monitor, change the text of the road sign, add a logo to the box; Save as project: you can save anything as a project; even when the application is closed, It can also be used; Image Effects: Enhance the look of your pictures by applying some of the available effects, including vignette, streak, hue, saturation;

Software Highlights:

Remove background: whether it's a green screen, blue screen or simply the image behind a white background, the image you find on Google Images; PixelLab lets you be transparent; export your image: in any format or resolution you want Save or share, for easy access, you can use the "Quick Share" button to share the image to social media applications with the click of a button;

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