Wearfit Pro apk downloader for android
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Wearfit Pro apk downloader for android

Wearfit Pro apk downloader for android

The latest version of wearfit pro is a great bracelet software. Professional bracelet tool, easy and perfect control, perfect data synchronization, professional alarm clock shooting, easy display of incoming calls, perfect screen lock, alarm clock, etc. Free choice of settings!

Wearfit pro introduction:

Wearfit Pro apk downloader for android

1. Quick entry of tool functions is personalized and customized, and you can quickly enter related functions;

2. More professional data interpretation, more comprehensive data and more detailed analysis.

3. Multi-dimensional analysis of sleep data helps you improve sleep quality and adjust sleep habits;

wearfit pro highlights:

1. Sync personal health data to your phone

2. Synchronize the phone book

3. Sync personal exercise data to your phone

4. Realize the watch anti-lost alarm function

5. Synchronize phone call records

6. Synchronize SMS

7. Sync personal sleep data to your phone

8. Weather push

9. Realize the function of finding the watch on the mobile phone

Software features:

smart alarm clock

Set a smart alarm clock for the bracelet, and remind you to get up through the vibration of the bracelet, so as not to disturb the people around you.

incoming call

Set 2265 call reminders for the wristband, the wristband will automatically vibrate when there is an incoming call, and the phone will not miss the call when it is in the bag.

screen unlock

When the bracelet is close to the phone, press the power button of the phone to instantly unlock the phone screen, no longer need to enter the password.

record running track

Real-time monitoring of trajectory, distance, speed, pace, stride frequency, and calorie consumption. When the pace is lower than the set speed, the bracelet can vibrate to remind. The voice assistant can also remind you of your running progress.


v22.04.29 version

1. Optimizer

2. Update some functions

3. Fix known issues

v21.12.22 version

1. Added the turntable lottery and optimized the discovery module;

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