Airbnb apk download for android
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Airbnb apk download for android

Airbnb apk download for android

Airbnb is a world-renowned travel software from abroad, which can help users easily realize house booking and itinerary planning for global travel, family vacations or business trips, and enjoy the comfort of home away from home!

Airbnb apk download for android

The software covers 34,000 cities around the world and has more than 600,000 online listings. Users can communicate online with landlords all over the world through their mobile phones, and provide "safety lanes" for their travel and accommodation as soon as possible.

In addition, it is also a two-way platform for landlords and tenants. If the tenants are sloppy and savage and touch the landlord's bottom line, they can also perform risk-free online check-out services to ensure that the interests of the landlords are not infringed. Friends who need it, please download it.

Software Features:

Passengers can:

1. Book properties and experiences for your next solo trip, family vacation, or business trip.

2. Search for last-minute accommodation and long-term rental properties.

3. Save your favorite properties, experiences or destinations and invite friends and family to plan your trip with you.

4. Reserve seats at popular restaurants in advance or on-site (US only).

5. Add experiences and activities to your itinerary.

6. Send a message to the landlord for directions to the property.

Landlords can:

1. Share your extra space or coaching experience about what makes the city great.

2. Update your listing and availability calendar.

3. Share special attractions nearby through the host guide.

4. Send messages to guests and manage bookings.


1. Book a room

Choose from over 4 million listings in over 191 countries and territories. Search by price, neighborhood, amenities, and more.

2. Booking experience

Participating in travel experiences led by local professionals, whether lasting a few days or just one afternoon, can be very rewarding. Explore the world of subway music in Seoul, hunt for truffles in the Tuscan forest, or give back to the community in a volunteer experience.

3. Reserve a seat

Find a selection of popular restaurants on Resy and book tight spots directly through the Airbnb app (US only).

Airbnb Highlights:

1. Discover hundreds of thousands of listings in more than 34,000 cities.

2. Book unique listings or find rooms for rent directly on your Android phone or tablet.

3. Search for last minute accommodation anywhere in the world.

4. Looking for long-term subleasing in tens of thousands of cities.

5. Access the itinerary, send a message to the host, and get the route to the property.

6. Explore legendary homes, vacation homes, apartments and add them to your Wish List to share with friends.

Software advantages:

Sufficient and diverse housing listings:Korea, Thailand, Japan, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Macau, Seoul, Bangkok, Jeju Island, Phuket, Tokyo, as long as it is the place you want to go, whether it is short-term accommodation, job-seeking apartments, Or long-term subletting, there is always a house that suits you.

Hospitable Hoste:Become friends with your hosts and let them advise you on your vacation plans, listen to them introduce local culture, tell you about local food, or serve you a hearty breakfast.

Safe and secure itinerary:All landlords and guests have undergone detailed and serious identity verification, plus the history of mutual evaluation records of landlords and guests, so you have no worries about safety.

Promotions and Earn Money:Introduce your friends to use, and you can get 153 yuan of travel funds with your friends. You can also rent out your vacant room here, earn great rents, and meet new friends!

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