wifi passwords apk download for android
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wifi passwords apk download for android

wifi passwords apk download for android

wifi passwords is an online artifact that you carry with you. wifi passwords can not only automatically help you connect to the nearby completely free wifi, but also help you measure the network degree, which is very powerful!

wifi passwords introduction:

wifi passwords apk download for android

WiFi Passwords is based on big data technology, utilizes the idle and unused WiFi resources shared by hotspot hosts to help a large number of people go online. No matter where the customer is, if they turn on wifi passwords, they can see what hotspots can be shared around, and they can connect to the Internet with one click.

Software advantages:

1. Built-in massive wifi hotspots, easy access to the Internet anytime, anywhere.

2. Real-time test the speed of the current network and other functions to help users manage and use network resources.

3. Provide WiFi power saving function, check mobile phone data consumption, and quickly convert mobile phone into WiFi hotspot.

Software features:

Free Hotspot:All the hundreds of millions of hotspots in the cloud are free;

Seamless Connection:Commercial WiFi is truly free and open;

Safe and Reliable:All hotspots have been tested safely;

Fun experience:The application is convenient and fast to use.


1. Supports wireless networks using Chinese SSID, and can set the character set.

2. Display the password of the saved network (requires the device to be rooted, this function is not for cracking, and cannot be used to rub the network).

3. Enhance Wi-Fi stability and improve connection quality.

4. Display professional information such as router model, network information, connection speed, frequency band, network type, etc.

5. Repair the device Wi-Fi network failure.

6. Backup/restore saved network, password and remarks.

7. Support static IP configuration.

8. Automatic network connection switching to solve network SSID conflicts.

9. Support hidden SSID wireless network.

10. Support 802.1x/EAP encryption mode.

11. Display the spectrogram, which is convenient to check the network congestion.

12. Automatically detect web authentication requirements.

13. Add/share wireless network via QR code.

14. Adjust network connection priority.

15. wps one-key configuration Wi-Fi support (requires Android 4.0 or above).

16. Wi-Fi mobile hotspot support.

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