AppLock apk download for android
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AppLock apk download for android

AppLock apk download for android

AppLock is a more flexible and professional application locking software. Normally, when we use our mobile phones, we will add a password lock to prevent others from using our mobile phones.

AppLock apk download for android

If you want to lock some apps or settings on your phone, then this AppLock can provide you with these functions. Whether it is apps, text messages, calls, gallery, etc., you can load them separately to achieve More flexible locking protection.


1. Support the use of passwords, gestures or patterns to lock and protect the application.

2. Supports locking the screen brightness and rotation direction.

3. Provide widget function to quickly lock and unlock.

4. There is a limit on the number of unlocks to prevent others from trying to unlock multiple times.

5. It can lock the outgoing and incoming call functions of the mobile phone.

6. Support to lock settings, gallery, contacts, text messages and applications, etc. separately.

Software features:

1. App lock

All applications in the phone can be easily locked.

2. System lock

Lock the installation and uninstallation of the system.

3. Pattern lock

It is more closely integrated with the system, beautiful, harmonious and easy to use.

4. PING lock

Provide a variety of ping locks and password locks to choose from.

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