photoshop apk download for android
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photoshop apk download for android

photoshop apk download for android

Photoshop is a free version of PhotoShop photography software. Edit various photo effects anytime, anywhere, bring you an unprecedented interesting experience, new backgrounds, free use of various materials, whether it is color or filter, it can be perfectly presented in the way you like.

photoshop introduction:

photoshop apk download for android

1. Non-destructive editing keeps your original image intact and unaffected.

2. Quickly share pictures on social media.

3. Crop the image and remove different parts of the image, or combine photos.

4. Combine photos perfectly to create funny or surreal images.

5. Modify color and contrast, or add pre-set filters to your images. Optimize an entire image or part of an image with a single click.

photoshop features:

- Apply filters or skins with one click: 20+ eye-catching effects available! You can also control the appearance intensity.

- Custom Skins: Create and save your own skins.

- Image rendering engine: improved performance to handle large files such as panoramas.

- Borders: Provide 15 kinds of borders and photo frames to make your photos unique. Be bold and bold!

- Raw photo format support: Photos in raw format can be imported and edited.

- Basics: crop, straighten, rotate and flip photos. Removes red eye and pet eyes.

- Auto Fix: Adjust contrast, exposure and white balance with one click.

- Remove Speckle: Remove speckles, blemishes and dust from photos with one click.

- Color: Slide controls to correct sharpness, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, color temperature, tint, sharpening and judder.

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