petal maps apk download for android
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petal maps apk download for android

petal maps apk download for android

petal maps creates a simple and convenient map software, which is very simple to use. It can not only provide you with accurate navigation, but also search for various businesses and scenes in the software, provide you with directions and routes, and make your travel more convenient. You can also check the bus!

petal maps apk download for android

Introducing petal maps:

A new global general map navigation service software officially launched by Huawei, the software supports real-time map positioning, map display, driving navigation, road condition query, etc. Multiple voice packs!

Software features:

Walking: optimal path planning, collecting personnel to measure each shortcut

Self-driving: Real-time traffic conditions to prevent congestion, covering 100 cities

Bus: real-time reminder of transfer, guide the correct travel route throughout

petal maps highlights:

More intelligent technology is adopted to help everyone navigate accurately and without error. It is worth recommending

The coverage of the location content is relatively comprehensive, so it is more convenient to locate and find a route.

The tool does a very good job of broadcasting real-time traffic conditions, and various detailed information will appear.

Software advantages:

Free to use

You can use the map for free to help you travel more at ease

location sharing

When querying the map, you can share it with your friends

Using help

A very detailed tutorial will also be provided, so that everyone can go out at any time.

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