uc browser apk download for android
browser apk
uc browser apk download for android

uc browser apk download for android

uc browser Android version is a world-leading smart mobile browser, UC browser mobile version has the original U3 kernel and cloud technology, perfectly supports HTML5 applications, using the uc browser app allows you to read information, read novels, Watching videos, surfing Weibo, playing games, shopping online, etc. can all enjoy the smoothest mobile Internet experience.

uc browser apk download for android

Software Highlights:

The world's only third-generation mobile browser, selected by 500 million users, the new UC, meet your love, 50 million Marriott gifts are waiting for you to brush, brush out sports cars, MacBooks, red envelopes... Do not stop brushing the gifts!

Headline News:Never miss hot news

Massive Video:Hundreds of millions of short videos, all fresh and hot spots are included

Game Friendship:There are many built-in mini-games, and real-life matching can start wars at any time

Massive novels: Popular novels are updated faster, and the reading experience is more worry-free

Intelligent Search:New information, good benefits, and fine content, all in one search

Subscribe to boutiques:Event tracking, premium accounts, boutique columns, subscribe to enjoy good content

Extreme speed and flow saving:Save flow black technology, save more than 30% of traffic

Intimate details:Incognito browsing, protect your privacy; night mode, take care of your eyes


[Personalized reading] Read your interests and give you the most wanted content

[Free novels] The latest and most complete novel library, book review topics to find friends

[Large amount of videos] You can follow all American and Korean dramas, and you can't stop watching blockbuster variety shows

[Personal Dressing] If you refuse to remain the same and customize your skin wallpaper, you must show off my personality

[Connotation jokes] Cheap and cute, everyone loves it, and the hot text stickers have connotations

[Extremely fast and stream-saving] WIFI network acceleration, one step faster to surf the Internet, not afraid of traffic emergency at the end of the month

【Intimate essentials】Advertising kill, video window, incognito browsing, night mode, give you the most stable and comfortable browsing

Software features:

[Quick ticket grabbing] The super fast ticket grabbing system doubles the success rate, so you can really grab it!

[Extreme Speed ​​Engine] Open Baidu, Sina and other well-known sites in seconds, and take you to fly.

[Provide Streaming Engine] Save 100M of traffic every month, and you can surf the Internet without worry at the end of the month.

[Advertising Killer] Kill 87% of web advertisements and enjoy the most refreshing browsing.

【Intimate Companion】Night mode, eye protection background color, and more ways you have the final say.

[Fiction Search] The most complete and hottest novel library! Free reading and zero-day updates.

[Video Daquan] You can find popular variety shows in Korean dramas and American dramas, and you can watch all the videos on the Internet.

[Shopping Privileges] Tmall orders will get 5 times Tmall points, which will be used as money directly for you!

[Featured Browsing] Go to advertisements, prevent Trojan horses, and watch featured sites refreshingly.

Software advantages:

Now, using the UC browser, you can watch the massive resources of dozens of video websites such as Youku, Sohu Video, iQiyi, etc., whether it is a movie or a variety show, you can have it at your fingertips.

UC Browser is the first to support the "offline cache" function, which is convenient for watching videos when there is no network. UC browser also supports Kuaibao and Baidu video plug-ins, which can play many special video sources. Use UC Browser to watch videos, just watch how you want!

The UC browser plug-in system is newly launched, making your browser streamlined but powerful. Support custom installation of plug-ins to meet individual needs.

You can "find the true love around you". If the "screenshot graffiti" is not enough to express your feelings, you can also "voice" to tell the UC browser and let him "translate" it for you!

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