CamScanner apk download for android
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CamScanner apk download for android

CamScanner apk download for android

CamScanner is a free, practical and convenient mobile phone scanner. Use it to scan the file information you want to see and it can be displayed directly on the mobile phone.

CamScanner apk download for android

It also supports cloud storage and other functions, which can get rid of the trouble of large scanners. It can effectively improve the work efficiency of users. It is a rare office artifact. Interested friends can come and use it!

Introducing CamScanner

CamScanner is currently the most powerful image text recognition app, free mobile phone image to text software. Provides an integrated solution for scanning, storing, managing, sharing, communicating, collaborating, and synchronizing.

Turn your phone into a portable scanner, fax machine, pdf converter, text extraction tool, and document sharing collaboration platform. Quickly scan documents, generate high-definition pictures or PDFs, automatically OCR recognize text on pictures, and enter keywords to search for documents.

CamScanner software features:

HD scan

Quickly shoot documents, invoices, design drawings, notes, certificates, PPT and whiteboards, etc., accurately remove cluttered backgrounds, and have multiple image processing modes such as brightening, black and white, enhancement and sharpening, grayscale, etc., and also supports manual adjustment of image parameters , to make the documentation clearer. PDF or JPEG files can be generated.

Intelligent management and annotation

In the Scanning Almighty King app, you can not only modify the document name,

Add tags, you can also add custom watermarks, handwritten annotations to documents, and intelligently manage documents.

image search

The ocr technology is the core function of scanning Almighty King. After ocr of the entire document, just enter the keyword in the image or the document to quickly find the document containing the keyword. Premium accounts can also export text on images directly into text.

Document collaboration and sharing

It supports faxing documents to nearly 30 countries and regions, sharing documents through emails, document links, and SNS social accounts, and AirPrint wireless printing within the app.

cloud sync

Mobile phones, tablets, computers and other terminals are synchronized at any time, edited in one place, and updated in real time. Also supports third-party cloud storage such as Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, onedrive, etc.

Premium Account Privileges and Charges

Edit OCR (recognize text on pictures) results and export as Text

Cloud storage space increased by 10G

When sharing a document, you can invite up to 40 more friends

Download multiple PDF files at once at

Generate encrypted links to documents and share them privately

Enjoy all the rights of registered users

Enter the text on the image and search the document with one click

Synchronize document data on mobile phones, tablets, and computers

Share documents, invite friends to view and comment on documents together

Manage documents at

Share a fax account on different mobile phones and tablets

Enjoy all the features of the premium version

No ads on all pages

Generated PDFs are ad-free

Unlimited use of annotations

Scan Almighty King Premium Account provides automatic renewal service. There are two ordering options available:

Monthly subscription: RMB 30/month

Annual subscription: RMB 300/year

Instructions for using the free version:

There are advertisements; there is a "Generated by CamScanner" watermark in the generated PDF document; only 30 pages of documents can be annotated; uploading to Evernote and Skydrive has a 7-day right to use. Invite up to 10 people to share documents.

CamScanner usage scenarios:

Business people: Scan contracts, documents, invoices, tax bills, and air tickets while on a business trip; share scanned documents by fax and email

Students and teachers: Scan notes, whiteboards, timetables, books, PPTs; enter keywords to find and locate files

Designers, cartoonists, hand-painted parties: scan design manuscripts, cartoon prototypes, and capture the bold imagination when inspiration first appears

Travelers: scan passports, driver's licenses, ID cards, travel plans, luggage lists, maps, guides, and walk without internet

Parents: Scan manuals, utility bills, passbooks, bank cards, membership cards, recipes, add labels, remarks, classify and archive, and organize thoughts; scan children’s homework, doodles, full-mark test papers, and capture memories


For best results, make sure the pictures you take:

The clearer the better (please shoot in a well-lit place, try not to shake when shooting)

The bigger the better (when shooting, try to fill the screen with the picture)

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