Clash apk download for android
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Clash apk download for android

Clash apk download for android

Clash app is an application software that can stably accelerate the mobile game of the national server. Through this software, users can quickly experience the game content of the foreign server, and more stably feel the game experience attached to the foreign server. I like foreign server games very often. User experience, more able to enjoy the original excellent style, come and download it!

Clash apk download for android

Software features:

1. Stable acceleration, a free and easy-to-use online game accelerator, the software platform has multiple nodes, and the acceleration experience can be selected arbitrarily, and the experience is very fast;

2. Free software, providing two different import methods, allowing you to easily experience an unusual acceleration experience, free choice of multiple nodes, and free use;

3. Dedicated lines, equipped with top-level dedicated lines, help you solve problems such as game delays, dropped frames, etc., and can also quickly download large-scale international server games;

4. Excellent tools can quickly complete better effects and bring the best sense of acceleration experience. The use of the software is also very simple and easy to operate.

Software Highlights:

1. Simple operation, one-key acceleration, feel the best stable form, open the best download method, and be able to easily download related games and software;

2. Special for mobile games, enjoy the national service game line of various countries, and also bring the fastest download speed, large-scale chicken-eating games can reach hundreds of kb downloads;

3. Stable operation, second connection, high speed, stability, dedicated line quality assurance, to determine normal acceleration, multiple line nodes can be installed and used free of charge;

4. Save memory, optimize the configuration, and the rapid effect is more powerful, bringing the best acceleration effect, which can be easily satisfied regardless of download or game acceleration.

Software evaluation:

1. It can supervise the delay of the game with high intensity according to different network conditions, and help the majority of users to improve the running speed and download of the game;

2. For different network environments, it can efficiently avoid the problem of disconnection, quickly reconnect the game, and the intelligent acceleration system can easily resolve the delay in downloading the game box;

3. Support the game acceleration state for a long time, the acceleration effect is more obvious and powerful, one-click fast and automatic connection, "fool-style" use tutorial;

4. The acceleration function can be turned on with one click, and the mobile game can easily accelerate the experience. The free and efficient acceleration platform is worthy of every player's download and collection.

Software Tutorial:

1. File import

1. After opening the software, select [Configuration], then click the [+] sign in the upper right corner, then select [File], and then select [Browse File];

2. Then enter the directory of the configuration questionnaire, select the following [three dots] and select [Import] at the bottom;

3. Then select the file management in our mobile phone. It should be noted that you must first have a "node file", and then save the downloaded node file in the mobile phone. At this time, select the corresponding folder;

4. Then select the downloaded "node file";

5. Then select to return to the configuration interface and select the "File button" in the upper right corner;

6. Then select [New Configuration] to complete the configuration settings.

2. URL import

1. In the creation of the configuration, we select [url] to import; then enter the corresponding web page address, and then select the new configuration;

2. It should be noted that the accelerator cannot be used in the direct connection mode. The global mode is that all traffic is proxied by the accelerator, and Baidu and Google are accelerated, so we do not need to modify the mode;

3. The lower the delay, the better. The back of each node represents the delay, such as 361=36.1ms.

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