BritBox apk download The Best British TV
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BritBox apk download The Best British TV

BritBox apk download The Best British TV

BritBox is the Best British TV music player. Support standard dlna speakers. After connecting the matching speaker device, select local and network music to push to the music device for playback, and control the device volume, sound effect, playback progress and other functions through the APP.

BritBox apk download The Best British TV

When the device is not connected, it can be used as a universal music player to play music. Massive audio sources, access to Xiami music, Kugou music, Himalaya, Qianqianjing, etc.

Features of BritBox for Android:

Meet music/voice celebrities and easily meet friends who like the same song/audio as you.

Discover nice music, 3D stereo sound (rain sound, scene stereo special effect sound), interesting sound that you didn't know you didn't know

The first sound/music barrage commentary makes you feel like you are no longer listening to songs alone! Aural social experience like never before

Record the wonderful things in life anytime, anywhere, recording voice changing, photo changing all have.

Make cool voice expressions to make chatting with friends more adorable

Interoperate with Xiami Music Library, one-click search, and easily share your favorite music

Advantages of BritBox app:

Here you can upload and share your own original songs.

Most importantly, we will help you complete a series of follow-up work such as finishing, post-production, publicity, and distribution.

And you, the creator, get all the pay you deserve.

We are all ready, just waiting for you to be creative.

You can meet creative young people with the same ideal.

Can interact and cooperate to complete a work together.

BritBox Highlights:

Online real-time two-way video one-on-one, children can see the teacher's expression clearly, without cumbersome hardware, a mobile phone can be easily done.

Exclusively provide full-time professional teachers, use piano sparring in the piano room, real-time demonstration, efficient even

Closely track the progress of teachers in regular classes, communicate with parents in a timely manner before and after returning to class, report weekly, and make progress at a glance

Exclusive research and development of online solfeggio training courses, classical music appreciation courses, etc., tutoring by famous teachers, worry-free grades

User Reviews:

The latest and hottest songs are released and updated every day, high-quality and excellent listening enjoyment

Powerful search function, supports multiple search methods for singers, albums, playlists, lyrics, and pinyin

"My Favorites" can be synchronized after logging in, and the mobile phone and computer can be synchronized to listen;

Simple and elegant interface, easy to operate;

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