JivoChat apk download for Android
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JivoChat apk download for Android

JivoChat apk download for Android

JivoChat is a very good free online chat customer service plug-in abroad. If you use an independent website, whether it is shopify or any platform, you can use this plug-in.

JivoChat apk download for Android

You can chat with customers online, check customer visits, and customers when you are not online. You can leave a message, this is very simple, and it is a very friendly online chat customer service plugin for Chinese sellers.

Software features:

JivoChat is an omni-channel business messenger built for teams to connect with visitors wherever they are.

With JivoChat, you'll never miss a website conversion again: engage your visitors through live chat, Facebook, voice services, email and mobile.

JivoChat's omnichannel structure allows you to receive all your customer communications in one agent app, keeping you organized.

Website conversion rates also get better: proactive invitations attract visitors so you can provide the best customer service while getting more and more leads.

Software features:

• Multi-agent chat: users can now invite other colleagues to chat

• Common quick phrases

• File transfer function

•Visitor monitoring

• Mail Archive

• Chat with colleagues


Instructions for use:

1. Go to www.hb3.net and register an account

2. Install the JivoChat script code to your website

3. Install the app and choose who can chat with customers online: just you or all your team members.

4. Connect through Jivo the other communication channels you want to use to talk to your customers (Facebook, Viber, Telegram, mobile, etc.)

5. Get important information about your visitors in real-time (name, social profile, when they were on your site, current page they were on, etc.)

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