FMWhatsApp apk download for android
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FMWhatsApp apk download for android

FMWhatsApp apk download for android

FMWhatsApp is a social software, a bit similar to qq, but not exactly the same. This software is aimed at global users, especially foreign trade staff will use a lot, here is a bridge for everyone to communicate and work!

What is FMWhatsApp?

whastapp is a super social APP, with more than 2 billion users worldwide. If you look at WeChat in China, you can imagine how many business opportunities there are. The biggest advantage is that you can send or receive messages directly without adding friends. , pictures, audio files, video information, etc.


Its user coverage rate is very high, such as Europe, Latin America, such as India, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Singapore and other as many as 94 countries, the coverage rate is as high as 80%. Where there is traffic, there are business opportunities. Social marketing is a trend, and you can get in touch with overseas customers in a timely manner.

FMWhatsApp is a communication software that can send and receive messages, pictures, audio files and videos to family members and friends for free; FMWhatsApp is registered based on the mobile phone number. When registering, you need to enter the mobile phone number and accept a verification SMS, then FMWhatsApp will Search your phone contacts who are already in use and automatically add them to the phone contact list.

How to use FMWhatsApp:

At present, FMWhatsApp needs to be connected to a VPN on a mobile phone or computer before it can be used.

1) FMWhatsApp download method

Search for FMWhatsApp in the mobile app store and download it, or enter FMWhatsApp to download on the computer, and find the official download channel to download the apk file of FMWhatsApp.

The next step is to use your mobile phone number to log in on this device, fill in the mobile phone verification code, and log in.

2) FMWhatsApp to add friends

If you add a friend: The phone number of the person to be added must be saved in the address book of your mobile device, so that you can start a conversation with them using FMWhatsApp. If you can't find your friend's name in FMWhatsApp, you can try the following methods:

Make sure your friends also have FMWhatsApp installed on their phone devices.

a. Double-check that your friend's phone number has been correctly entered into your phone's address book.

b. If this is an international phone number, please do not use any prefix "0" or end code. Start with a + sign, then enter the country code, then the phone number.

c. Open FMWhatsApp and refresh your Favorites section, on FMWhatsApp for Android this page is called FMWhatsApp Contacts.

FMWhatsApp Features:

No need to log in or out: no worries of being forced to log out when you log in from another computer or phone, it's always logged in and connected.

There is no need to add new contacts: the contacts in the phone book will be automatically linked to your FMWhatsApp Messenger contacts, and your contacts will be automatically displayed in the Favorites menu after installing this software.

Offline messages: Even if you turn off your phone or in an area with no signal. It will automatically store any messages you receive during this period and will automatically push offline messages to your phone once you turn on your phone or enter a signal area.

No monthly fee: Once you and your contacts have installed this software, you can use it to contact each other unlimitedly, send unlimited messages to your friends for free in one day, this software supports 3G / EDGE / Wi-Fi . No International Roaming Fees: If your friends have this app on their Android or Blackberry or iPhone, you can chat with them in other countries and avoid annoying international texting fees.

No IDs and no usernames: The software works as if you were using the text messaging function in your phone, and it integrates with the contacts in the phone book of your phone.

How FMWhatsApp gets customers:

Customer information obtained from Facebook group development, advertising, etc.

Google search customer information, Skype customer information bar

Exhibition business card or customer business card obtained by other means

The customer provides the contact information in the Email

Background inquiry information of B2B platform, etc.

Get customers on the map

6 major social media development, such as: linkedin, facebook, etc.

What should I do if FMWhatsApp cannot receive the verification code?

1. You can first check whether the mailbox is full, if so, please delete some information.

2. If you still can't receive it after deleting it, you can change the machine or change the card to test to see if it is a hardware reason.

3. After eliminating the above reasons, you can try to test whether it can be received at other locations to see if it is the reason for the weak local signal

4. The mobile phone is installed with interception software, and the verification code cannot be received. It is recommended that you cancel the SMS interception of the application software.

5. The mobile phone is turned off, there is no signal at the moment, the payment is in arrears or the shutdown, resulting in not receiving the verification code and text message, it is recommended that you stop the payment in arrears, and it will usually be restored after 24 hours after payment, basically within 24 hours, it is recommended that you change your mobile phone number or Get it again the next day.

6. Turn off all the wall climbing and WiFi, and use the traffic to get the verification code of the mobile phone to see. Or open the ladder and choose the global mode to see.

7. If the version is updated, remember to update

8. If the above methods do not work, it is estimated that you can only wait and try again after a while. Some netizens also have to register after a while because they cannot receive the verification code, and they will receive it soon.

9. Change the overseas card registration

10. If you can't receive it two or three times in a row, you can wait first. The verification code of FMWhatsApp is valid for 24 hours. Don't turn off FMWhatsApp and enter the verification code. When the verification code is received, you can enter.

11. If you can't receive the verification code, you can try to use the phone verification method to verify.

Product Highlights:

①Free to use, it is free to send messages through FMWhatsApp, you only need to surf the Internet in a ladder environment;

②High activity, the opening rate of email marketing is 6%~13%, while the arrival rate of FMWhatsApp is 100%, and the reading rate is above 80%, even if you are offline, you can receive information;

③Fast and direct: You can communicate with customers one-on-one in real time without adding friends, you can directly send product information to customers, you can also manage in groups and provide personalized services, which is equivalent to a CRM management system;

④Variable modes: In addition to chatting, video interaction is also possible, information exchange is more direct, and the sense of distance with overseas customers is shortened;

⑤Business account: Create a business account, you can add website URL, product catalog, company description, so that customers can know you better.

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