GBWhatsapp pro apk download 2022 latest version
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GBWhatsapp pro apk download 2022 latest version

GBWhatsapp pro apk download 2022 latest version

GB WhatsApp Pro is the most popular mod for official WhatsApp Messenger. Here you can download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk latest version for your Android device. It is also known as GBWA, GB Plus, GBWA Pro, etc.

GBWhatsapp pro apk download 2022 latest version

GBWhatsApp Pro Features:

Instead of replying with an emoji, you can now react to any message. WhatsApp has 5 default emojis, but on GB WhatsApp you can set your own custom emoji collection to react.

More chat translations: GBWhatsApp pro now supports Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu and Vietnamese. Translate any message in chat directly into 50+ languages.

GB WhatsApp Pro 17 has many exciting new features such as - edit and make your text status more stylish, multiple call rejection types (no internet, offline, call etc.) and most importantly group admin now has more Multi-power control group.

Key Highlights:

blue tick

Microphone settings

Anti-Ban Service

double check

dispatch message

Sieve fingerprint lock


automatic response

Themes and fonts

typing status

save state

Icon change

recording status

Ten Do Not Disturb Modes

Disable calls

What is GBWhatsApp?

As internet usage increases, so does the social connection between people. It was launched in 2009 and was a huge success because now connecting with someone or a group of people you admire is as easy as eating cake. As we all know, Whatsapp is definitely a boon to our society.

This is the easiest way to connect with anyone because it provides a very fast communication bridge. In addition to text messages, there can also be a voice call called WhatsApp calling, which again is very clear and uses very little internet. A 30-minute call uses only about 5.5 MB of internet.

In addition to text and voice calling capabilities, it also offers video calling options. The introduction of video calling is a big advantage for everyone because now people don't need to download additional apps for video calling. It saves time and internet, and also acts as a great savior for managing space inside your phone.

Why choose GBWhatsApp Pro?

GBWhatsApp Pro is a modified version of the popular WhatsApp Messenger application. It adds many features to the official WhatsApp app, including built-in Do Not Disturb mode, custom font styles, auto-replies, other people's download status, hide your online, endless themes, anti-undo, and more. Here you will find all the features of GBWhatsApp and download links for Android devices.

GBWhatsApp Pro FAQ

Is GBWhatsApp Pro safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe as it uses the original WhatsApp API to send messages and calls. So without any third party interference, your chat is safe.

Can I use GB Pro and official WhatsApp on the same device?

Yes, you can use Bothe on the same device with different phone numbers.

Can I transfer all my WhatsApp data to GBWhatsApp?

Yes, you can migrate from official WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp Pro. There is an option to copy all data.

Will using GBWA ban my number?

No, this is an old mistake. GBWhatsApp is now 100% safe and WhatsApp's WhatsApp Terms of Service apply.

How much WhatsApp can I use on one device?

You can use more than 50 WhatsApp on the same device.

Alternative to GBWhatsApp Pro?

There are many alternatives to GBWhatsApp, here are some of them.

WhatsApp Plus





Can I download WhatsApp status directly?

Yes. You can download anyone's status directly using GBWhatsApp.

Can I hide GBWhatsApp from my phone?

You can't hide it completely, but you can change the GBWa's icon so no one can tell if it's WhatsApp.

What is the safest feature in GBWhatsApp Pro?

Fingerprint lock is the most secure feature of GBWhatsApp Pro.

My account is blocked, how do I unblock it?

The first thing you can do is email the support team at "" and they will cancel your number. If it still doesn't work, you have to wait 3 months and it will automatically cancel your account.

Dosage GBWhatsApp to unblock banned WhatsApp accounts?

No, there is nothing special about the official and GB WhatsApp account bans.

How to update GBWhatsApp Pro APK?

To update your GBWhatsApp to the latest version, visit and download the latest version.

Can we use GBWhatsApp for commercial purposes?

Yes, but the store option will not be available.


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It has been almost 5 years since we started our journey in 2017.

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