Teamwork apk download for android
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Teamwork apk download for android

Teamwork apk download for android

Teamwork is a mobile office software dedicated to enterprises. The software is simple and clear, and even novice users can easily get started. Powerful functions allow you to work with less effort and support remote multi-person video conferences. Interested users don't miss it!

Software introduction:

It is a team collaboration management suite specially designed for the needs of project-based companies. It has a good user reputation and mainly solves the problems in the company's project management process:

Teamwork apk download for android

Project task planning, team task collaboration, task progress tracking, man-hour management, expense reimbursement, document management, employee busy-busy monitoring, employee performance, project labor cost and non-human cost accounting and control and other management confusion.

Other product lines of the company can also be selected on demand: customer management system, contract management system and administrative office system (OA), to achieve seamless function and information integration, and at the same time build an overall solution for enterprise information management.

Software advantages:

1. Provide standard project and task information data interface, and synchronize project and task assignment information from third-party systems;

2. Support single sign-on (SSO) with third-party systems through configuration;

3. Provide standard project member expense reimbursement information data interface, and provide employee project expense reimbursement data information to third-party systems;,

4. Provide standard user information data interface to synchronize employee organizational structure and employee information from third-party systems;

5. Support synchronization and integration with domain information, to achieve login account and password verification and source unification;

6. Provide a standard project entry time information data interface, and provide employee project time data information to third-party systems;

7. Support mainstream databases.

Software features:

1. The software page and operation are compatible and support computer (PC) and tablet (PAD);

2. The software has more than 100 built-in reports (supports data drill-down and graphic display), and supports export in various formats.

3. Multi-language version support: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese;

4. The software interface is beautiful, the user experience is good, and the software is easy to use;

5. A variety of reminder methods: system message notification, email reminder, SMS reminder, WeChat message. The powerful customized reminder function can meet the needs of regular and regular daily, weekly, and monthly reports that are missed and unsubmitted. Support the summary of multiple abnormal information to the management.

6. The WeChat version of the software supports binding with personal WeChat, and operations such as message reminder, approval and reporting can be realized in WeChat;

7. The software has excellent performance, stable and reliable operation;

8. The first software that supports single work-hour record for circulation audit;

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