Grammarly apk download for android
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Grammarly apk download for android

Grammarly apk download for android

Grammarly is an excellent English writing proofreading plug-in. Grammarly can not only help users automatically check grammar when using it, but also catch key grammar and spelling mistakes, to improve their English writing level. If you need it, please come and download it.

Mainly when we write in English, we often encounter grammatical and sentence errors. Grammarly can automatically and intelligently detect and modify itself. It also supports real-time translation of English to correct the correctness of English effectively.

Grammarly features

1. Check your tone

Grammarly's built-in speech detector helps you figure out how your message will reach your readers. This means you can add a little confidence, friendliness, or whatever else you need before you hit send.

2. High-quality writing

A spell checker can catch typos. A grammar checker can catch grammar errors. However, great writing is more than correct grammar and spelling. Grammarly can help you with grammar, spelling, and punctuation problems, and it can also help you revise sentences that are grammatically correct but wordy and unclear.

3. Where do you work

Grammarly Tools for Chrome is compatible with text fields on most websites, including Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and millions of others.

Software advantage

1. Check for more than one hundred other types of errors.

2. Obtain vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

3. Detect plagiarism and get citation suggestions.

4. Get advice on different writing styles, including academic, technical, and creative.

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