Virtual Families 3 apk download for android
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Virtual Families 3 apk download for android

Virtual Families 3 apk download for android

Virtual Families 3 is a simulation game with cartoon elements. In this game, players need to control characters to take care of their families. To take better care of their families, players need to complete a series of tasks. The whole game has a strong sense of substitution, allowing players to better enjoy the fun of this game, and there are so many gameplays in this game, interested friends must not miss it.

Determine your character from thousands of combinations. A real casual simulation game that simulates real life. The latest game content, learn to take care of your children, continue the gameplay of the previous casual simulation, and let every player immerse themselves In the world of virtual families.

Virtual Families 3 gameplay

1. The operation of the gameplay is relatively simple, the painting style looks very exquisite, and it is easy to learn

2. With wonderful storylines and rich game content, experience the joy of family life

3. Work in a profession of your choice to earn money for the necessities and luxuries of life

4. Choose the right partner, start and raise a family, have children and work to support the family.

Virtual Families 3 Description

  • Adopt a villain and start a family. Raise babies and pass the house down to the kids!
  • Train little people to behave by praising and scolding them.
  • Your little ones will send you messages thanking you, pleading,,,, and praising you for caring for them.
  • run in real-time. Your little ones keep living, eating, growing,,,, and working while the app is closed

Features of Virtual Families 3

The dynamic disease system requires you to act as a doctor to heal other members. Mail and more random and unpredictable events will make the game more interesting

If you want to spend time in the game faster, then go to the time setting interface of your device and modify the time of your device

Description of Virtual Families 3

One day in reality is equal to 5 years in the game so your family members will grow up quickly, and at the same time you can collect a lot of money

The game adopts a real-time running mode. You can control the character to cook, work, earn money, rest,,,, and so on. There is still a collection of 48 collectibles in 4 categories, such as coins, plants, and insects

The music session showed a good effect. Many warm and soothing beautiful melodies are played in a loop, which makes people feel relaxed. With different actions, vivid sound effects are also displayed in the details.

Virtual Families 3 Highlights

To form a family that belongs to you, you need to take good care of your family, play the role of a mother and wife

You can get married and have children, watch your child grow up day by day, and then go to school, work, and get married, all of which need your help

Experience the whole process of being a mother, you will know what it takes to be a mother, and it takes a lot to make your child grow up healthily

Virtual Families 3 Details

Along the way, there will be many different random events to deal with

House breakdown repairs, and mini-puzzles to solve, all add an element of the unexpected to everyday life

Even if your phone is turned off, the game is still playing in real-time, so don't forget to check in regularly to take care of your little ones

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