iQIYI Video apk download for android
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iQIYI Video apk download for android

iQIYI Video apk download for android

iQIYI Video is rich in ultra-clear playback engine, which can let you feel the most realistic visual effects, and also has very detailed video classification and introduction, so that you can find the drama or movie you want to watch in the shortest time. Update the latest movies from time to time.

iQIYI Video apk download for android

iQIYI Video provides users with movies, TV dramas, variety shows, animation, entertainment, hot news, and other content. The video playback is clear and smooth, and the operation interface is simple and friendly. High-quality pure web content and considerate life services meet users' pursuit of "enjoying quality, fashionable youth".

Features of iQIYI Video

  • New hit movies online
  • Popular Variety Shows
  • Watch new episodes in real-time
  • Anime recent series change as you like
  • New recommendations for overseas new dramas

Advantages of iQIYI Video:

  • Full support for 1080p, the picture is clear and sharp
  • Dual windows, watching and selecting films at the same time
  • Lights off mode, stronger field experience
  • Multi-dimensional screening, find your favorite content

Highlights of iQIYI Video

  • Smart replay, accessible replay based on play records
  • Rendering speed optimization, channel page picture preview faster
  • Design details optimization, filter design optimization, and screening are more convenient and clear
  • The latest movies, hottest variety shows, travel, and documentaries support all content of
  • With dual windows, you can watch and select movies at the same time, both are correct

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