prettyup apk download Portrait video beautification
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prettyup apk download Portrait video beautification

prettyup apk download Portrait video beautification

The prettyup video beautification and slimming software restores your original beauty. The software is very powerful and can shoot beauty videos for you.

prettyup apk download Portrait video beautification

You can adjust the beauty and makeup data by yourself. It is very real, allowing you to easily shoot videos, quickly lose face and lose weight, and there will be no distorted background pictures. Miss and sisters who love beauty, come and try it.

prettyup introduction:

PrettyUp is an easy-to-use and excellent portrait video beauty and body software. The video effect is not ideal? Want to have a more perfect natural effect? Simple and easy to use, with a few easy steps, you can beautify your mobile phone, beautify videos, face and body, come and experience this p video software artifact!

prettyup features:

The function of white teeth is specially designed for users, which can directly allow 2265 users to have super white teeth;

Easily remove eye bags, make you beautiful and perfect for 365 days, easily get beautiful pictures, and take every picture beautifully;

PrettyUp can help you naturally post videos, get more likes, and share them on Douyin and other platforms.

Software Highlights:

facial remodeling

- Video face slimming camera: natural face pinching, face slimming small face, perfect face shape, advanced three-dimensional facial features

- Enlarge the eyes and deepen the double eyelid effect

- Fine-tune the high nose, adjust the lip shape, enhance the complexion, and naturally trim the eyebrows

face optimization

- Microdermabrasion eliminates small blemishes on the skin, smooth and bright, beautifies the skin and eliminates acne

-Smooth wrinkles, remove eye bags, nasolabial lines, Meitu and Meipai videos


- Slimming camera: slim waist with one click, easily get a slim and hot body, and lose weight with one click

-Long legs and skinny legs: Make a big long leg in an Internet celebrity video

Beauty Filter Camera

- Rich filter resources, selfie filters, retro filters, internet celebrity filters, etc.

- Filter color master, super easy to use color correction tools: brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpening, exposure, etc.

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