Pizza Boy GBA Pro apk download for android
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Pizza Boy GBA Pro apk download for android

Pizza Boy GBA Pro apk download for android

Pizza Boy GBA Pro is a very convenient mobile gba game emulator with very good compatibility, which allows you to play various classic gba game works on your mobile phone. All interfaces of the application are fully Chinese, easy to use, and have good compatibility with low-configuration mobile phones.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro apk download for android

Pizza Boy GBA Pro uses the most compatible software to adapt to the best effects, combined with excellent visual and button effects, and uses more real and fun content in your hands to bring you the pleasure of playing simulation experience. Support connecting handles, changing buttons, 4 times the resolution, changing the size of the two screens, etc. The only regret is that we haven't done real-time archiving yet, 3ds and cci files can be run directly, and cia needs to be installed. Qualcomm 835 can be played, 865 can be played directly until it flies, and the speed can be adjusted manually.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro Features

  1. The simulator supports multiple formats such as CCI/CXI/3DS/3DXS/CIA. Here is an example of a game in the CIA format. The main interface of the emulator is very simple, there is nothing special to explain.
  2. There are many classic games here, whether it is handheld mobile games and so on. , here you can directly start your game journey.
  3. Compared with the free version, it provides users with more value-added services 2265, making your use more excellent.
  4. The latest version of the handheld mobile game simulator tool unlocks the advanced version of the service content, and users can experience it directly.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro Other Features

  • Written entirely in C and assembly language, it offers incredible performance and low battery consumption.
  • Make full use of OpenGL and OpenSSL native libraries to improve video and audio performance. Old ones are even available on older hardware.
  • Button size and position fully customizable
  • GBA emulator without ads!
  • shader
  • Capture screenshots in Jpg format
  • slow/fast forward
  • Hardware gamepad support
  • Save and restore state
  • Pizza Boy GBA Pro Description
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner and select "Install CIA" from the pop-up menu item.
  • Then select the downloaded game in CIA format to install.
  • After installation, all games will be displayed on the main page. Click Run.

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