moovit bus navigation assistant apk download
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moovit bus navigation assistant apk download

moovit bus navigation assistant apk download

moovit is a bus navigation assistant that supports Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, the United States, Singapore and other regions and countries.

moovit bus navigation assistant apk download

It can help you better plan public transportation routes, and easily enter the starting point and target location, and it can bring you the most correct travel mode trajectory. Come and download it and try it!

moovit introduction:

On the go, get step-by-step guidance with real-time directions: know exactly how long you will walk to a station, wait time, see when your line will arrive, and how many stops are left. Moovit will help you plan a trip that meets your transportation needs.

moovit navigation software features:

【Real-time arrival】

Check out real-time arrival updates and get real-time updates directly from your bus and train GPS devices. Avoid wasting time guessing train times or bus arrival times.

【Real-time reminder】

Receive service alerts and stay on top of issues such as urgent or unexpected disruptions, delays, traffic jams, new construction, and more, so you can make changes to your travel plans ahead of time due to changes in bus or train times.

【User report】

Moovit users can report problems with stations, line services and timetables, while we report 2265 all occurrences to nearby passengers.

【Common routes, stations and locations】

It's easy to check routes, stations and locations anywhere, anytime. Plus, you can also get real-time updates if/when your usual routes change, preventing your bus or train schedules from being affected!

【Bicycle route】

In addition to bus, subway, train or metro routes, you can also get bicycle routes. If you ride a bike, we can plan a route for you that includes a train or bus.

【Map view】

Interested in seeing the whole picture? View all stations, routes and lines on a subway or bus map. Also, you can use the map in PDF format when you are offline or on the underground subway.

Feature Highlights:

Open Moovit! Moovit takes you from point A to point B in the easiest and most efficient way. Transportation is an integral part of urban life.

Easily get train and bus departure times, maps, and real-time arrival times to plan your trip with confidence. You ride, we guide!

Whether you're traveling by train, subway, bus, light rail, cable car or bike, it's crucial to get the best information on city transportation.

Find important alerts and service outages on your most used lines. Get step-by-step directions for the best route by bus, train, subway, bike or transfer.

Transport guides for 860 million users in more than 3,400 cities around the world - meaning you can use public transport as easily as a local when you travel.


v5.81.1.510 version

We have been working hard to bring you a better public transportation experience. In addition to functional and design updates, we are constantly optimizing suggested route options, updating route service hours, and adding new stops to provide you with the most accurate information.

With every update, we've thoughtfully put your needs first.

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