GayRoyal apk download for android Dating
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GayRoyal apk download for android Dating

GayRoyal apk download for android Dating

GayRoyal is a social software. These days, everything is lacking, that is, there is no shortage of friends. Everything is good, but it is not as good as friends. You can find "good friends" around you through GayRoyal, and view Gay friends' profiles, photo albums, mood logs, and contact information. Through Blued, you can also send SMS, voice, photos and precise geographic location for free, so that you can meet, know and fall in love with the person you love here.

GayRoyal apk download for android Dating

GayRoyal is not only fast and popular, it can also find the nearest GAY friend based on geographic location, and can chat and share mood online in real time, making it more convenient to make friends and communicate more smoothly.

Quickly find friends around you based on theorem positioning, interactive chat with real-time voice and pictures, share news with friends, and learn about global gay information through the horizon.

GayRoyal software features:

1. Make friends: Based on the location of the mobile phone, find the closest friend to you, accurately determine the distance, and his click popularity.

2. Chat: According to the location, the system automatically assigns four chat channels: the whole country, the same city, the surrounding area, and friends, and you can switch at will. You can chat privately with one person or chat with many people, so that you will not be lonely at all times.

3. Sharing: In addition to uploading and browsing photos, it also supports mobile phone photo uploading, and provides you with options to fill in information such as Weibo, WeChat, QQ, etc., and you can share your Weibo address with one click.

4. Vision: Enjoy relaxing moments while making friends and chatting. Information about fashion, entertainment, literature, and intra-city activities is updated every day.

5. Messages: Support automatic push, sound reminder, also support background closing push and sound reminder, switch freely, everything is free.

6. Professional: According to the team with 12 years of network operation experience to provide professional services, the program runs fast, does not get stuck, and fully protects personal privacy and mobile phone information security.

GayRoyal Highlights:

1. Sharing private photos: When you meet the right person, boldly exchange private photos and get to know each other better. G friends have unique housekeeping features;

2. Gay Navigation: Brand-new functions, more than 100 cities, thousands of venues, thousands of gay worlds, food, drink and fun, there should be a future!

3. "Love at first sight" Flip Brand Friendship: The Flip Brand Friendship function pioneered by G friends, there are many copycats, and it really gives you the feeling of an emperor flipping a brand. Flip the brand, look at the edge of the eye, and meet the destined Mr.right at the click of a finger.

4. "Sound" voice micro-community: a community that uses "mouth" to play;

5. Convenient "login lock" function: the first "comrade friend" function that has obtained a patent certificate in China, protects privacy, and refuses to be out of the closet!

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