Farm Heroes Saga apk download for android
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Farm Heroes Saga apk download for android

Farm Heroes Saga apk download for android

Farm Heroes Saga is a very unique elimination mobile game. Innovate on the classic elimination method of the game to make the game more interesting.

Farm Heroes Saga apk download for android

Players are no longer simply boring in the game, but also need to collect designated crops to complete the challenge, bringing a new game experience. If you like it, please download and experience it!

About Farm Heroes Saga:

  • Hundreds of levels have their own unique themes, much like Candy Crush Saga.
  • The main plot is also relatively simple. As a farmer, all the protagonist does is harvest mature crops and protect his livestock from being stolen by wolves and foxes.
  • Due to the knockout stage, the story of the game is not expected to be particularly strong.
  • In the game, players can continuously complete the levels, from their own small farm to a spring-filled farm, to a farm with flowers like a mirror in summer, an orchard full of fruits in autumn, and a farm covered with snow and ice in winter.

Farm Heroes Saga Features:

  1. The game's pictures and sound effects are full of a strong European style. The game uses the classic match-3 method, but with a twist.
  2. Instead of aimless elimination, you must collect all the crops you need within a specified number of moves in each level. When your collection is far more than you need, you can feel the joy of the harvest.
  3. The game also provides a wealth of scene props, including a small shovel that can destroy a designated icon, and a supercharger that can destroy an entire row. Various useful props will be gradually unlocked as the level deepens.

How to play Farm Heroes Saga:

  • Collect various moves to win your level before running.
  • A simple and fun game, but a challenge. Master it completely.
  • Complete the wonderful collection of Magic Beans at a sweet level.

Farm Heroes Saga Highlights:

  • Huge fields are waiting for you to harvest, and more levels will be added every 2 weeks!
  • See the progress of your friends and competitors in the leaderboard!
  • Easily sync between multiple devices, connect to the Internet to unlock full game functionality.

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