Scanner King app apk download for android
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Scanner King app apk download for android

Scanner King app apk download for android

The latest version of 2022 Scanner King can turn your phone into a scanner, with sharpening function, you can record all kinds of documents and photos here at any time, no need to bother with typing, scanning can produce results, and also support handwritten annotations, if you need partners hurry to download and try it!

Scan All King app official version Introduction

More than 370 million people are using the mobile scanner, more than 200 countries and regions, comes with document management tools. It can automatically excise document background and generate HD pdf, jpeg or txt text. You can also email, connect to printer, send fax, send wechat, save to cloud, and view on multiple devices! A very powerful office utility!


Good reviews

★"50 best mobile apps"-Time Magazine

★"There is no better scanning software than Scan All-in-One"

★"Scanner All-in-One's unique image processing technology makes documents clearer"

★ "Easy to use document management, easy to make documents clear data"

App Features

Send scanned documents anytime, anywhere

Office workers need it so much that they can send scanned documents to clients when they are on the go, and it can be synchronized between different devices.

A must for students who are tired of typing

With ocr recognition, the long text of the picture becomes text instantly, which is a must for students whose hands are sore from typing.

Automatic sharpening and highlighting, picture to pdf

Automatic sharpening and highlighting when scanning images to generate pdf, very practical, and many ways to export, and also cloud backup

Features of the latest version of Scan Almighty

Convenient and secure document management

Cell phone, tablet, computer, multi-device view and manage documents at any time.

Tabbed categorization, handwritten annotations, document encryption, convenient and orderly, efficient and secure.

Wireless Printing, Global Faxing

Support wireless printing, and can send fax to more than 30 countries and regions worldwide.

Scanner on Mobile Phone

Take documents on your phone, automatically remove cluttered backgrounds and generate HD jpeg images or pdf files.

A variety of image processing modes, you can manually adjust the image parameters, you can use your phone to quickly turn paper documents into clear electronic manuscripts.

Image to Text

Intelligent ocr text recognition, cell phones shoot paper documents, search the word above to find it!

Upgrade account can also export the text recognition in the picture as text that can be edited, copied, saved or shared text, support for 16 languages text recognition, foreign language learning translation good helper.

Document sharing, efficient collaboration

You can invite friends and colleagues as collaborators to view and comment on any document you scan. You can also share it with your friends via email, links, or social accounts such as Weibo and WeChat.

Main Uses

★Designers: Scan and save design manuscripts to capture the bold imagination of inspiration at any time

★Hand-drawing party: without a scanner, you can show your hand-drawing to your friends beautifully!

★Business people: business travel, scanning contracts, documents, real-time fax, e-mail sharing, portable workspace

★Students: scan notes, classroom whiteboard, PowerPoint, mom no longer worry about my exams failed!

★Travelers: passport, driver's license, travel plans, maps scanned and stored in the phone, no network can also walk at will

Upgrade your account, there are more powerful features

★10g large cloud storage space

★Puzzle function, documents, invoices, exercises on a piece of paper

★Share documents in the form of encrypted links, and you can set the expiration time of the links

★Export the entire document with text and notes on the image as an editable txt file

★Automatically upload documents to box, google drive, dropbox, evernote, onedrive and other third-party cloud services

Suggestions for use

To ensure that you get a clear scanned image, please take a picture when.

★Try to make the picture fill the shooting screen

★Adequate light, try to avoid shaking

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