Yami apk download for android Social Software
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Yami apk download for android Social Software

Yami apk download for android Social Software

Yami is a voice chatting and dating software. This is a popular software on Douyin. There are many little brothers and sisters on it. Users can find friends who have the same hobbies as themselves and find friends on it.

Yami apk download for android Social Software

People play hacking games, and there is a professional wake-up function. Every day, a little brother or a little sister will call you and send a message to wake you up. Of course, you can also find the ta that belongs to you on it. Come and download it if you like it!

Yami Content:

1. The yami voice app is a very easy-to-use dating software on mobile phones;

2. The most important way is the way of voice chat, build your own room or go with other good friends;

3. Know the user resources around you. All customer information has been strictly reviewed.

Yami Features:

1. Provide a variety of fun and interesting sounds, which can be freely set and replaced

2. Gather various hot topics, participate freely, and tell your own stories to others;

3. Make free online connections and find your own circle of friends.

Yami Highlights:

1. Through the system matching, intelligently recommend the person who is related to you, and freely add friends online;

2. Provide a variety of chat methods, such as voice chat, picture, text, video chat, etc., and the message is pushed in time;

3. Various circles of friends, you can participate according to your interests, and gather various popular topics on the Internet;

4. Every day, users will share their experiences and stories, and they can comment and interact.

Yami function:

[Voice]: A large number of super talented anchors, game gifts to grab, keep playing

[Multiplayer chat room]: Lian Mai is at the CP, the host will take you to play games, chat and play

[Voice]: Massive seiyuu 1v1 exclusive company, super warm and super sweet, all online can be teased

[Community News]: The news of the good-looking little brothers and sisters is here, find the heart-warming Ta

Yami Advantage:

1. There are a lot of talented anchors online. If you follow your favorite live broadcasts, you can send barrages or send small gifts;

2. Play games with friends online and you can also grab red envelopes, which are all cash red envelopes, and you can cash them into your account when you grab them;

3. You can make friends if you are still single, and there are many game hosts who can take you to play games together.

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