Samsung Internet Browser apk download
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Samsung Internet Browser apk download

Samsung Internet Browser apk download

samsung internet browser apk for Android is a very easy-to-use mobile browser app, which covers many commonly used websites, one-click access, easy to read news, read novels, watch videos, etc., support gesture control, can perform ad blocking, let you Refreshing Internet access, welcome friends who are interested to download and experience!

Samsung Internet Browser apk download

The main function:

quick access

No need to search for your favorite web address multiple times. Every time you start your browser, Quick Access displays shortcuts to the site you want to visit.

video assistant

Watch web videos in a unique way. Easily watch videos on full screen, pop-up player, or even a connected TV with Video Assistant. Adjust volume or brightness with intuitive touch gesture controls.

Browsing protection

Before you view a known malicious website, we will issue a warning to prevent you from visiting a website that may steal your data.

One UI interface design

One-handed operability of the user interface is achieved by following the One UI principle. This is Samsung's new user interface concept.

reading mode

Reading mode allows you to read articles more clearly and comfortably. Now you can customize reading mode by choosing font, font size and background.

Download management

This is a newly optimized parallel download system that can download files faster. It's also easier to manage downloads, and you can pause, resume, and cancel downloads right from the notification.

custom menu

Set up the menu the way you like. Drag and drop to instantly change the order of custom menus.

Security and Privacy

Samsung Browser helps you protect your security and privacy while browsing the web.

Smart anti-tracking

Intelligently identify domains with cross-site tracking capabilities and storage (cookie) access. Just turn on the Do Not Track setting to prevent websites from tracking your surfing behavior.

Gesture swipe

Swipe left or right in the URL bar or bottom toolbar to navigate to the previous/next tab.

save all pictures

You can save all images from the same web page at once.

high contrast mode

High-contrast mode can be enabled in the settings of Samsung's browser, and is suitable for people who need to increase the contrast to view web pages more comfortably.

Browser engine upgrade

We have upgraded the Samsung browser engine to Chromium 67.

samsung internet browser features:

Browse the web safely

Experience safe web browsing with "Private Mode", "Biometric Web Login" and "Ad Blocker".

Efficient way to browse

Make browsing easier with handy features like video assistants, custom menus, and quick access.

Supports multiple Samsung devices

Samsung Browser supports multiple devices such as Samsung Smart TV and Gear VR platforms.

The best browser on Samsung Galaxy

Experience the new features of Samsung Browser with Samsung Galaxy.

- Extend usage time with Samsung Galaxy hardware optimization

- Improve usability with Samsung DeX and Bixby

how to install:

Before installing Samsung Internet Browser, you must ensure that your phone has permission to install third-party applications.

Open your device's settings.

Click "Security" in the "Personal" section.

Slide "Unknown sources" to "On".

Click "OK" to confirm your changes.

After allowing unknown sources, you can install the APK file for Samsung Internet Explorer

Open File Manager or File Explorer.

Open the directory where the downloaded APK file is saved. (usually in the "Downloads" folder)

Tap the APK file.

Click "Install".

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