Clipclaps app apk download for android
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Clipclaps app apk download for android

Clipclaps app apk download for android

Clipclaps app is a very special video playing software, every user can upload their own shot or recorded video to the platform, of course, you can also watch other users published video works, and the most important thing is that here whether you send video or watch video, you can get some income!

Clipclaps app apk download for android

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Clipclaps apk introduction

clipclaps official Android version is the best video player in the world! Earn rewards by playing games, watching videos and uploading links to your favorite videos! It's also the perfect video content community for you. From creators to viewers, from casual to professional, you can start your journey here!

Clipclaps Money Making Tips

Step 1.

Open it! clipclaps

Step 2.

Watch! The best videos to lose yourself in our digital content!

Step 3.

Share! Upload your favorite content and become MEGASTAR!


Enjoy! Experience the fun and games!

Step 5.

Repeat steps 2-4 until you realize...

Latest version description

We have the most popular video content. Lose yourself in an endless scroll of the craziest, funniest videos on YouTube, while getting rewarded for every second you watch!

Your opinion counts! You can be the final judge of the fate of the next hot video. Be the start of the modalities that make it into the history books.

You can mold yourself into MEGASTAR! Upload your favorite content and get thousands of views instantly! Expand your audience to further expand your reward earnings!

Latest Version Features

1. Enjoy millions of great videos and the latest news

Watch the most popular videos and the latest news to get all kinds of treasures.

2、Use Clapcoins to redeem gifts at Clapmall

We've got lots of great gifts for you. Take time to look at Clapmall. fancy stuff to treat yourself!

3、Prepare some unexpected surprises

Open the treasure box to get Clapcoins, scratchers and gift pieces! Users can synthesize the pieces to get real gifts.

4、Join the challenge to win the grand prize

We have prepared many challenges related to your life. Upload your best videos here and get as much applause as possible to win the grand prize!


1. New reward activity, complete the task to get a lot of Clapcoins

2. Optimized the interactive experience of Claphouse module

3. Bug fixes

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