Rumble app apk download for android
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Rumble app apk download for android

Rumble app apk download for android

Rumble is a beautifully drawn card game in which players challenge their enemies to become stronger. The game adds many interesting experiences and emphasizes the importance of friendly collaboration.

[Game features]

1, complete more exciting challenge content, master more combat skills.
2, play out their strong combat strength, and the enemy to start a fierce battle.
3, the classic vertical screen gameplay, simple operation is easier to get started.

[Game highlights]

1, futuristic graphics, strategic card game.

2, the game play is simple, the game only takes 3 minutes to teach to start.

3、There are more than 240 cards with different skill effects.

4, a total of six camps, the fight for three sites on the stronghold of play.


In the game, become a skilled manufacturing master to provide weapons for this warrior.

For each person's daily life, hard work, only for a warm and comfortable belonging.

The rich plot development allows players to follow the rhythm of the game, explore the vast game world and explore freely.

[Game Tips]

1、Classic gameplay, constant combat growth, carry on later has a new combat form.

2、Gorgeous high-definition 3D handicap, hot blooded battles a touch, a variety of PK way.

3, huge map exploration, joyful adventure play, with a lot of different ways to play.

[Game Review]

Game play is similar to the previous arcade games, slightly more difficult to operate, HD exquisite game graphics, there are infinite passion skills special effects.

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