Vivaldi browser apk download for android
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Vivaldi browser apk download for android

Vivaldi browser apk download for android

Vivaldi browser app for Android (vivaldi browser) is a mobile browsing software that supports ad blocking and tracking, bringing you the most private browsing experience on the Internet.

Vivaldi browser apk download

Users can use the software to perform a variety of integrated layouts with one click, allowing you to browse various related videos and files without advertisements in the software. Install it if you like!

Vivaldi browser introduction:

Developed by Opera co-founder and former CEO Tan Yongwen, the browser layout is very similar to the Opera browser. This browser allows you to integrate multiple pages into a better browser for your entire website, and you can also take notes directly on the page. The next time you browse to this page, you can see the last note you made , it is very convenient to use.

Software Highlights:

1. A built-in note-taking tool, and supports pictures for research and annotation;

2. A large number of mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts can be customized;

3. Quick access to the favorites page;

4. You can save all currently opened tabs and reopen them after a period of time.

5. Manage the opening tasks of tab groups through the tab stacking function;

6. Web tabs and web panels can help users view multiple web pages at the same time -- especially when you need to visit 3 or more web pages, or when you need to subscribe to content while browsing other sites;

Vivaldi browser features:

Sync anywhere, anytime, seamlessly and securely

Vivaldi Sync offers end-to-end encryption and was built from the ground up. Now you can sync data between different devices and Android on the go.

You can choose what data to sync, including bookmarks and speed dials, saved passwords and autofill information, history (only with typed URLs), and unique Notes.

Data security is very important to us. We believe everything you store in your browser belongs to you - that's why we never sell your data or voluntarily reveal your privacy. Encrypt data on your device with a password that will never be sent to us. We do not use any third party servers.

Capture screenshots

You can use Vivaldi to take screenshots of any website or selected screen. But not just taking screenshots.

This unique built-in feature allows you to capture full-length screenshots of web pages, which is handy when you need to save and share details.

Keep your tags private

Browse privately on the go. Vivaldi's private tabs do not save information when the open tab is closed.

Privacy is our top priority When you browse in a private tab, the websites you visit, cookies, temporary files will not be stored on your device.

For example, if you lend your phone to a friend to browse, you can stay logged in on the main window while your friend can view his or her account in a private tab.

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