Senior Match apk download for Android
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Senior Match apk download for Android

Senior Match apk download for Android

Senior Match is a dating service for people over 50, advocating that no one has to live alone, and that even single people in their 50s have the right to choose the partner and relationship they want.

Senior Match apk download for Android

Senior Match positions the app's service population as 50 years old and above. The positioning of this group is in line with the emotional needs of the American baby boomers in old age.

Senior Match features:

1.The number of members is huge and there are strict age restrictions.

SeniorMatch is available to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with more than 12.2 million registered members. The huge number of users provides members with a large choice and huge space to find their favorite objects.

2.The price is relatively affordable.

SeniorMatch members can be upgraded after free registration, and the minimum monthly membership can be as low as 15.95 US dollars, and the average daily spending does not exceed 1 US dollars.

3.The operation mode of online blind date + offline interest circle.

On SeniorMatch, you can not only go on a blind date, find a date, post dating experiences in forums and blogs, communicate with each other, but also get a friendship here.

4.Algorithmically match the best partner.

In order to better help users find a suitable date, Senior Match can meet the needs of users.

A team of experts provides advice and support for appointments.

In order to improve the quality of service, SeniorMatch has established a team of experts to provide online dating advice and online safety tips for Gold Card users. It will provide you with more rationalized suggestions for finding the right person on the basis of intelligent matching.

Many types of dating services.

In order to improve the success and efficiency of users, Senior Match has launched rich dating, BBW dating, bisexual dating, interracial dating, sugar daddy dating and cycling dating, as well as senior dating for wealthy people.

Pay attention to protecting user privacy.

SeniorMatch requires users to fill in their personal email address and contact information when registering, and sign a privacy agreement directly.

After registration, personal data will be published to the whole network, but you can still set incognito or restrict access to personal data. In the event of termination of membership, the site will retain personal data, financial information, blog and forum posts in its database for a period exceeding two years.

Senior Match Highlights:

1. Precisely locate the target group.

SeniorMatch targets the baby boomers, that is, the middle-aged and elderly groups over 50 years old, and meets the blind date needs of the middle-aged and elderly. This group of middle-aged and elderly people who are on the front line of opening up has already encountered online blind dates that break geographical restrictions while accepting offline blind dates.

2. Detailed division of target groups.

In order to improve user experience and meet the needs of different groups, SeniorMatch has designed dating themes based on economic income, hobbies, and group characteristics, which effectively improves the efficiency of users.

3. Expand the blind date chain service that focuses on the process.

SeniorMatch does not use blind date or dating as a gimmick. They mainly focus on companionship and community. Promoting a partner is only one of the goals, but the process of making friends and communicating is the key content.

Through offline travel, interest group exchanges, dinners and other series of activities, we help more middle-aged and elderly people to relieve loneliness and get warm companionship in exchanges.

4. Protect user privacy.

The protection of personal information is already an issue that many people are very concerned about when they go online.

In particular, when SeniorMatch provides financial information submitted by rich people, it is necessary to protect the financial information to prevent information leakage. Therefore, any form of blind date and dating must be based on data security to prevent scammers from taking advantage.

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